Gainfully Employed. Ish.

"Shy"© Les Becker, 2006Taken with  HP PhotoSmart R607
© Les Becker, 2006
Taken with HP PhotoSmart R607

No, it doesn’t exactly scream “You Got the Job!!”, but to belie the opposite implication, let me say that I got the job I wanted. Ah, see? Knowing that makes a difference, now, doesn’t it?

This is a “temp” job, though. I’m looking at all the good aspects of that. It’ll open some doors. It utilizes almost every course I took in school. It could be the “jumping off point” in a surprising number of different directions. And it comes with a classy job title, for which I will have to come up with a catchy pseudonym. Money’s…. decent.

This, along with the freelance web development opportunities happening willy-nilly, has added a rather adventuresome feel to the next few months. I’m sorta, kinda almost excited about it all. 🙂

But still a little shy…

Random Song for the Day: “Where Would I Be?” – Cake