This Oughtta Keep ’em Fooled for Awhile…

"The Clothes Make the Lady"
“The Clothes Make the Lady”

I went out today and bought “Grown-Up Business-Lady” clothes, to borrow yet another Suzi-ism (she comes up with good isms – why should I try if I don’t have to?).

Although day-to-day business at the new J.O.B. will allow me to dress casually (jeans are considered casual!! Hooray!), there are times that I will be required to look like I have an inkling of what I’m doing.

Presentations. In front of actual people. Dressed like an actual person.

I worry more about the clothes-shopping then I do about presentations, oddly, because of that business about no store ever having anything that fits me beyond “sorta”. Today, I only went into one store, discovered a very impressive sales-person, who now has a very impressed loyal customer, and I doubt I’ll ever need to go anywhere else again. If they ever close that store, I will hire Gentle Sales-Lady as my personal shopper, I swear I will.

I bought not one, but two business suits that I can mix-and-match, in colours and patterns that even I can’t manage to screw up. And that’s saying something. Having no fashion sense whatsoever most certainly has its draw-backs when one has to dress oneself. Experience has taught me that if I “clash”, co-workers won’t educate me. They will laugh at me until I figure it out, but I’m rather slow on the up-take in that department. Gentle Sales-Lady has guaranteed that no fashion faux-pas need ever take place.

She found me two perfect business suits and they fit. They fit like they were made for me, which is why I bought two, and went far over-budget. Ummmm…. “budget” = zero, BTW, which means Visa loves me again. I’m so happy with these clothes, though, that I love me, too, even though I should be on the third or fourth round of self-flagellation about now.

I also discovered that there really is such a size as “Zero”. And it’s too small for me!!!

Ah, yes, today is a day of gratitude, if ever there was one.

Random Song for the Day: “Lunatic Fringe” – Red Rider