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Escape Attempt

"Escape Attempt"Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550
“Escape Attempt”
Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

I took this yesterday, on my way back from my morning at the new J.O.B. This is a government contracted J.O.B., and the contract hasn’t yet been “officially” approved, so I haven’t “officially” started, but I went in to do orientation and help out a little in the office. I’m going to like it, I think, for as long as it lasts…

I’m worried, though. I didn’t go in this morning, although I had planned to, because I still have clean-up left to do with the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally course for school, and I’ve been putting it off. And I sat here all day, surfing, and didn’t even log-in to the assignments.

I haven’t worked on the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally “Ruby” story installment, either. It’s almost finished, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to get to it.

I’m also supposed to be re-vamping my resume (this J.O.B. is temporary – I am to continue looking for permanent employment in my “field”, such as it is). I haven’t even opened the file.

This is not helping me get to the next part of the best part – the shiny new life I’ve got planned for myself. I can’t quite seem to kick-start myself over the last few vestiges of the broken bits of the old one. As usual, I am my own worst enemy.

I kind of feel a little like I imagine the berry bush in this picture must feel; as if I’m almost through to someplace bigger and brighter, but my roots keep me stuck on the other side of the fence.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place” – The Animals

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Let me advise you that the photo perfectly fit the subject matter!

Photography is the next best thing you do…the other is writing…Ruby…hint!

Les Says: I know… “Just do it.” Sigh…*

Wonderful work, Les. I am so in awe of your many talents.

Saw the Canberra-moths heads-up. Unfortunately, it’s a 700km drive one way!

I’m Mister Mom at the moment as my beloved wife is away for three weeks – so the 1400km round trip is ruled out for the moment. Would love to do it, tho!

Novel deadline looming. Am in control, though!

Les Says: God, I wish one of my talents was “follow-through”… I’m sorry you missed the moths, but I have to say I’m really looking forward to the new novel. Granted, I have yet to purchase “Vegemite Vindaloo”, but I will be very soon – 🙂

You can do it babe. And yea, my boss recently hooked me up with an advert for a new job, thinking he’s helping me, but I’m draggin’ my feet all the way.

Les Says: Really? What say we trade? Please…?

Well, if that isn’t a perfect photo for the subject!

So, are you going tomorrow? Don’t worry about having a zone-out day, like today. Once you start, you’ll get into the swing of things and those zonie days will be few and far between, but welcome when they come along once in a while. Enjoy your last days of freedom.

Les Says: Argh, Suzi! I’ve been “zoned out” for two weeks. This last course is going to get me in serious trouble if I don’t smarten up.

I don’t know if I’ll be going in to the J.O.B. tomorrow or not… I SHOULD – so as to look good down there, even if I’m not getting paid yet… and I SHOULDN’T – so as to stay home and work on those last assignments (but WILL I?!).

Great Photo! You better get your a– in gear and start to finish. Now that I can pull up your blog I can keep tabs on you.
Good story – keep your chin up, sis. Love ya.

Les Says: Yes, Ma’am! Remember, though that YOU’RE in school now, too, and if you don’t keep your socks pulled up, I’ll… I’ll TELL on you! 😀

Glad you came by – love you right back.

I’d love to kick you up the arse about wasting precious friggin’ time, but being as how I’ve been in the zone for days now, I haven’t the hypocrosy to follow through on it. Sweet ‘photo. Call me when you have beer..

Les Says: I’m about to chew through that fence with my teeth and run like hell, I think. This course will be the death of me, I swear. Tears. Real friggin’ tears. Against my better judgment, that beer date may be closer than it ought.

“I kind of feel a little like I imagine the berry bush in this picture must feel; as if I’m almost through to someplace bigger and brighter, but my roots keep me stuck on the other side of the fence.”

Eesh, that’s some powerful reading.

Glad I dropped by . . . like the berry picture I also feel like I’m almost there.

I can agree with a lot of your writing here. Holding myself back? Hmmm . . . maybe I just need my “break”.

Les Says: Thanks for the visit, Ak-Man – I appreciate the nice compliment.

After wasting literally years of my life waiting for my “break”, it dawned on me that I should get off my ass and go make a few for myself. In a few short months, I’ve accomplished much of what I could never seem to do before. I really believe it’s all on us to do it ourselves. What’s holding me back *now* is a bad habit of not being able to let go of things that really aren’t even there anymore. I’m working on that – along with the dreaded Dreamweaver (crap, if ever crap existed. Sigh…*).

YOU now… are a fantastic writer. What’s stopping you? WRITE! 😀

I’ll write . . . got a piece that needs wrapping up . . . first I need 10hrs of sleep, a fry up chased with a few shots or rum, and a lil motivation.

Les Says: Oh, DO send me a flask, will you? And a little bit of whatever the hell a “fry up” might be, assuming it’s edible.

I see why you said that you were procrastinating.

Glad you visited my blog, that’s how I came to know yours and I’m enjoying your writing and photography.


P.S. Maybe this little quote will help you to get out of your procrastination zone.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of life
has not discovered the value of life.”
-Charles Darwin-

Les Says: Welcome to “Where the Walls are Soft”, Marie. Always nice to have a new visitor – I hope you will become a regular one. The quote will certainly help; I’m getting to the point where I’ve less life ahead of me than behind me, now… 😉

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