Little Bits of Stupid Real Life Wasted Time...

…or Maybe I’m Just “Scatter-Brained”.

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date – with Ruby and a crossword puzzle, and a decent cup of coffee today, finally.

No time to post a pic of my own, but check out my Flickr account for the latest, if you’re interested.

In the meantime, let me play with your brain.

Weirdness Addendum: When I first looked at this, I saw it turning counter-clockwise. Three and a half hours later, when I opened the link, it was turning clockwise. It’s official, folks; I’m nuts. Good thing the Walls are Soft, I guess…

Random Song for the Day: “Your Ghost” – Damien Rice

4 replies on “…or Maybe I’m Just “Scatter-Brained”.”

Ok, that’s just freaky. First of all, how am I supoposed to consentrate when I’m lookin’ at those nipples all the time? I mean, damn! Then I see the thing switch directions a half dozen times. Does that make me bi? Anyway, I’ve always seen myself as the opposite of whatever side of the brain made math and spelling easy. I gave up on that stuff a long time ago.

Les Says: When I read those lists of characteristics, I was rather dismayed to find that MY characteristics can be picked out of both, and that both lists have characteristics that are NOT me. I think that might mean that I’m out of my mind. But you knew that already, and so do I so maybe it should just comfort me.

I saw one direction, but couldn’t make it switch (although it DID pause). You…? Sounds like you’re “center-brained”. That could mean “out of your mind”, too, I guess. Kindred spirits, we are, Hairy – but you knew that already, too… 🙂

Don’t forget to give her my love!

Counterclockwise…am I strange?

Nice photo site…thanks.

Nipples? I’m going back.

Oh yeah…I playing with that puzzle in PhotoShop…got to see whose there!

Les Says:
Love given. She can “smile” over the phone! How cool is that?!

Yes. 😉

Thank you! It’s new. You should keep visiting.

Not surprised in the least, Mushy…

That’s ME, dummy! I’ll send you the unscrambled version if you really feel the need… Just ‘cuz you love Ruby so much, and that impresses me to no end.

…and after I worked so hard! Yeah, yeah!

Do I sound like Denny Crain at times?

Les Says: LOL! I’m ashamed to admit that I had to google that, good Canuckian (and Shatner fan!) that I am. I don’t watch TV enough to be familiar with Boston Legal, unfortunately, so I can’t truthfully answer that. But now I can’t get ol’ Bill outta my head. Can you sing like him? ROTFL!!!

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