So Guess Who Drove Us Home Today…?

Gene Simmons
Not the kind of cabby you jump the fare on…

I have to say, it was one of our more memorable cab rides. Ky said, “So, I guess you know what you’re gonna be for Hallowe’en, then, huh?”

Gene Simmons
Still Rockin’ After All These Years

Gene replied, “Huh? ….Hallowe’en?!” Ky wasn’t quite sure if he was kidding or not. When I paid the fare, I was a little unsure myself. He sure stayed in character. He drove off head-banging to the radio, too.

We had gone off on a mission to find Ky’s Hallowe’en costume. Every year, this is hell. This year she found something ‘perfect’ very quickly, and I was lucky enough to discover decent winter boots, at a decent price, in my size. All in all, a successful trip. This is not usual when Ky and I shop together. There was not a single argument and no tears were shed. Ky says she thinks I might be finally growing up, and she’ll consider taking me out again if my behaviour continues to improve.

We had time on our side, and even a little moolah left over, so we celebrated with a great Chinese meal (I got to have a beer! I got to have a beer!), and a ride home with a rock star.

It was only then that I got the chance to see Ky’s costume.

Witchy Ky
Pleased with her purchases…

Hmmmmmm….. Ky says she’s got her route planned. Will carry her cell phone. Will not go anywhere alone. No worries, Mom.

Sexy Ky
I say I might have some worries. Sigh…*

Maybe I should call Gene Simmons up and pay him to be her escort…?

Random Song for the Day: “Right Now” – Van Halen

5 Replies to “So Guess Who Drove Us Home Today…?”

  1. She looks far too adorable – be worried! Why don’t we have cabbies like that over here? BEER?? You had beer, and you didn’t invite me? Shame on you..

    Les Says: I had the beer at the restaurant and they didn’t even have a debit machine, let alone an internet connection. I thought of you, though. I hope that counts.

  2. Actually Gene Simmons WOULD be a very good escort. Do you want to know how I know this? I admit to watching his reality show. He is a very protective father.
    Ky is looking cool!

    Les Says: You mean Gene Simmons actually grew up?! Agh, Denise! I think you just killed off some of my own teenage “cool”. It’s okay, though… it was mostly imaginary. Sigh…*

  3. Thought that was Gene!

    Next time you are eating Chinese or Japanese ask for a KIRIN ICHIBAN! Great with oriental food.

    Les Says: Is that a beer? I had Chinese beer before at a different establishment and liked it a lot. I can’t remember what it was called, but I don’t think it was that. [Late Addendum: It was a TSING TAO – and has become a favourite.] If that’s a Japanese beer/liquor, I think I may be S.O.L. on getting it here, which means, of course, Mushy, that you will have to buy me one on that day in the hopefully not-so-distant future that I show up at your house with trailer in tow, begging for a piece of your lawn for a fortnight…and, ummm… an internet connection. 🙂

  4. I’m so impressed that your daughter already has her costume — she looks like she loves it. I don’t have all of the pieces yet for my kids. But we did get Halloween candy.

    Hey! I like the red pull quote! Nice.

    Les Says: Oh, she loves it alright. Me, I’m scared to let her go out like that. I’m hoping she decides she’s too “mature” to wander the streets begging for candy. Too much like “begging for trouble” in that get-up.

    The red looks good, doesn’t it? Thanks for the advice!

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