Dirty, Nasty, Crappy Day.
Dirty, Nasty, Crappy Day.
Taken October 10, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

Nasty. Horrible. Crappy. StressFULL. Crappy. Stupid. Endless. Tear-i-fying. CRAPPY. More crappy.

I have not had this bad a day – start to finish – in such an incredibly long time that I can’t recall having had this bad a day in… I don’t even care, but I’ll bet it was a Wednesday.

Wednesdays suck.

Yes, I know. This is Thursday… but, today felt like a dirty, sneaking Wednesday, masquerading as a good ol’ regular any-other-day gone bad. And I don’t get to talk about it, and that sucks, too.

Day One of NaNoWriMo and my word count so far sits at a lousy 120 words which had better jump by leaps and bounds in the next hour and a half before I post the count on my profile. This is my only not-yet-lost cause left today, and I’d like to fall asleep with the impression that I salvaged something.

Imaginary Random Song-for-the-Day: “Pick a Song You Hate and Think of Me” – Could Be Anybody

4 Replies to “Snarl.”

  1. Butbutbutbutbut…it’s Thursday, so even if the suckage level is as high as Wednesday suckage, it’s one day closer to the weekend, and therefore more bearable. Because I said so.

    Hope everything is better in the morning.

    And hey, what has become of Old Guy? Have you heard from him? He must be really sick to have gone this long without blogging!

    Les Says: Yes, Ruby reminded me tonight that tomorrow is Friday. I promised her I would feel better tomorrow night. 🙂

    …and I’m a little nervous about OldGuy, myself…

  2. Just be grateful it’s not the first day of your sodding period (sob). (Runs out of room, loudly slamming door behind her.)

    Les Says: Poor baby…! You want for me to ask Suzi to send you a box of kittens?

  3. Today’s song must be Livin’ La Vida Loca, then. Ugh.

    Les Says:
    Gawd! Ricky Martin, right? Yeah, I hid >Ky’s CD a looooong time ago, now.

  4. It’s at times like this that a chorus of ‘We shalll overcome.’ erm, well…it might work.

    Les Says: Don’t you send those Pyrates back here! Don’t do it!

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