NaNoWriMo Writing

Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack

I think Emma is starting to take over, now. I’m looking forward to the >word count reading over 5,000 before I change the clock back an hour tonight.

Oh yeah… don’t forget to change the clock back an hour tonight. That’s my Public Service Announcement for the year.

Random Song for the Day: “Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway” – Billy Joel

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I totally forgot about setting the clock back. Really! So you did me a great service, and I thank you! But Les? Why is there a little cartoon turd sitting at a cartoon computer? That’s not how you see yourself, is it? Because if so, we need to get you some therapy. I mean different therapy from the therapy we already know you need 😉

Les Says: ROTFL!! TURD?! I thought it looked kinda like a California Raisin minus the shades, myself. Now, I’ll always think it looks like a turd. Thanks.

I wish I had the time to build my own cartoon progress meter – THEN you would see some coolness.

A turd. Sigh…*

Too much pressure for me…my thoughts need time to breathe!

Les Says: Yeah, well, now – thanks to *SUZI* – just about all I can think about is “Turd. Turd. Turd.” I have to NOT think about the word count. There’s pressure, for you. Auuuugggggghhhhh!

Oh that Suzi! I thought it was a caveman, but now, like you Les, I see and think, ‘Turd, turd, TURD!!!’

Where did you get the counter that’s underneath the yellow NaNoWriMo logo? I have the queer large one from NaNo’s website and I don’t like it. Yuck.

Les Says: I was waiting for this…! You’ll find it (along with the “turdy”-looking cartoon dude) at

Or you can just right click the counter in my sidebar and click on “copy image location”. Paste that wherever you want your own counter on your blog, between img src tags like this:

<img src=”″>

Just change the word count to your own, and Voila!

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