Hell Froze Over

"First Snow"Taken November 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550
“First Snow”
Taken November 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

The post that I had half-written to go with this picture is now stale and moldy, and the time has passed.

The snow didn’t stay, anyway. I won’t leave the house without boots, overcoat, toque, gloves and my over-the-head “hoodie-thing”, either, though, because that’s when we’ll get the first real blizzard. Just like, if I hang my laundry out to dry it will rain, dead certain. Not that I hang laundry out any more – West End. Steel Plant. ‘Nuff Said.

But Hell froze over, anyway. I stopped blogging. I mean, I had no interest whatsoever. No time. Can’t be bothered. Couldn’t care less. That has never happened before. Even when I ripped the original blog offline and swore I’d never type another post, I circled the option like a vulture until I caved and started over. Blogging has become my entire social existence and I love that existence. But…


I’m sleeping, though, finally. It only took one day mashed into a teeny-tiny student desk, mashed in with 29 other teeny-tiny student desks overflowing with 29 other mashed-in students to finally cause my body to just keel over on the couch and sit up over 12 hours later when my cell phone alarm went off, but I slept. And this time, I didn’t wake up with a rodent chewing on my lip.

I woke up, and went back for Day Two of the Mash-In.

Driver’s Ed.

Ugh. A necessary step to The Great Escape, because I let my driver’s license lapse out of fear of driving (crashing) and I want to not be afraid of it anymore. I had the impression that taking a course in driving properly might make me more confident. Ha. I’m learning stuff designed to scare new drivers into being “good” instead of “stupid”, but they’re managing to make me scared shitless again.

I have two more days of the in-class fear fest before I “get” to drive with the instructor. I could have been driving for the past five years, mind you, if I’d had the opportunity and access to a willing certified driver (ummmm…. read “guts” there in place of “opportunity” for a more realistic picture), and gotten the G over four years ago. I wish I’d done that now, but I’ll have to be satisfied shortly that I’ve done it at all (and a possible discount on insurance on the new truck for taking the course rather excites me, too).

All the sitting around is causing me to drop into Dreamland around 10 pm, though. I’m not lying there waiting to fall asleep. I’m not popping awake 8-10 times through the night. I’m not suffering “White Nights” with no sleep at all several times a week. I’m hoping the next three weeks of Weird will just turn the 10 pm thing into an automatic occurrance. After that, my schedule will return to a more normal (for me) pace, and I’ll be able to get back to Ruby (damn, I miss Ruby!), and visiting my Dad, who’s still in hospital, but coming along nicely now, and blogging my idiot thoughts as I think them. I miss this too, now that I’m typing all this, so hopefully I’ll manage to steal time from panic sessions of NaNoWriMoing somehow through the rest of the month.

Eeeep. Maybe.

Random Song for the Day: “Death of a Cheerleader” – Marcy Playground

3 Replies to “Hell Froze Over”

  1. Wow! They’re rough on you in Canada when you let your license lapse, huh? That’s a LOT of work to get it back, but it sounds like you could use the confidence that will come from taking the class. Congratulations for pushing through those fears and just doing it!

    Nothing wrong with a break from blogging. We’re always here when you get back.

    Les Says: Oh, no – they’re not MAKING me take the course – I could just go and pay the money, take the test and get the license… like I did the first time, back in the “Olden Days”… They SHOULD make little chicken shit people like me take a course though… so as not to freak out and cause accidents.

    I think I may hire an “off-hours” Driver Instructor at the end of it all, just to hang with me in the car until I’m not petrified anymore. And THEN…. I’m gonna learn to fly. 😀

  2. Oh, Les. I feared as much. I kept coming back and seeing My Kid is a Changeling and I thought what the hell, lady? My world is coming apart at the seams as it is, I was hoping you hadn’t abandoned this here blog. I was this close to e-mailing you, chick. But, here you are. I’ll give you a break and e-mail when necessary.

    Don’t mind me and my neuroses. Like I told Suzi at her place, I’m coming off an anti-anxiety drug and I’m starting to get into the wow-this-is-really-going-to-be-a-bitch-getting-off-this-drug phase. (And I’m not even half way through the detox stage. Goody!)

    Again, don’t mind me and my ramblings. Just saying hi, welcome back 🙂

    Les Says: You just email me any ol’ time you feel like it. You’re one of the few, remember? As far as kicking the drugs – exercise, exercise, exercise. Take holy ol’ shit long walks with the girls. Buy a digital camera already and send me some pics, why not?!

  3. What?? Have I missed something here? What’s with the insomnia? And your dad?
    Gee Les, hope everything eases up. Glad to at least hear you are sleeping now. Good on you for taking the course, my kids are always threatening to land me with one for Christmas. I know I am a crap driver, but it’s okay – the size of this island, everyone else knows it too, and keep well out of the way..

    Good to see you back, bonny lass.

    Les Says: ROTFL! See, your life is packed so tight in comparison to mine (and mine has never been more tightly packed than it is now) that you just can’t keep up! I’ll email you all the stuff you missed, what say? Assuming I can knock a window in the timeline shortly.

    “Ease up?” I hope not! Except for my dad being sick, I STARTED all this! I just have to realign myself to a new and different kind of “busy”, I think (which will no doubt shift to something else yet again, once I’ve grown accustomed), but I’m having the time of my life. Finally. 😀

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