All I Want for Christmas…


All I want for Christmas… is to win this thing.

The Thinking Blog is holding a free laptop giveaway and to participate, you just have to write about it! Sponsored by Ruff PC, it is a brand new, rugged, water resistant laptop called RuffBook Tech with magnesium alloy casing built to survive under harsh conditions where ordinary laptops fail. So, this is my entry – now give me the laptop!

I NEEEEEEEEED it. I don’t wanna drag a pc around with me in an Airstream trailer. And then there’s that habit I have of dumping coffee on my electronics. Ahem.

* * *

…and David McMahon wants to know: Have you ever sworn at a computer?

Oh, please, David…! I’ve sworn at my computers, my dad’s computer, my siblings’ computers, my kid’s computer, my boss’ computer (several bosses’ computers, actually; not to mention the bosses), and the computers of hundreds of total strangers when I was supposed to be a so-called “Expert Trouble-Shooter.”

Once my new, free RuffBook is delivered, I will likely swear at it, too.

Random Song for the Day: “Amie” – Damien Rice