All I Want for Christmas…


All I want for Christmas… is to win this thing.

The Thinking Blog is holding a free laptop giveaway and to participate, you just have to write about it! Sponsored by Ruff PC, it is a brand new, rugged, water resistant laptop called RuffBook Tech with magnesium alloy casing built to survive under harsh conditions where ordinary laptops fail. So, this is my entry – now give me the laptop!

I NEEEEEEEEED it. I don’t wanna drag a pc around with me in an Airstream trailer. And then there’s that habit I have of dumping coffee on my electronics. Ahem.

* * *

…and David McMahon wants to know: Have you ever sworn at a computer?

Oh, please, David…! I’ve sworn at my computers, my dad’s computer, my siblings’ computers, my kid’s computer, my boss’ computer (several bosses’ computers, actually; not to mention the bosses), and the computers of hundreds of total strangers when I was supposed to be a so-called “Expert Trouble-Shooter.”

Once my new, free RuffBook is delivered, I will likely swear at it, too.

Random Song for the Day: “Amie” – Damien Rice

9 Replies to “All I Want for Christmas…”

  1. I advise you to go and buy one…they’ll never give you one (wink, maybe they will want to show me!).

    Les Says: But, they HAVE to give me one, Mushy – I NEEEEEEEED it!

    (…and I can’t afford to buy it, ‘cuz I still have to pay off the #*$^@)$ing TV that Louie STILL has not delivered.)

  2. Oh, how I hope you win! Is there anybody more in need of rugged equipment than you? How many cameras have you exploded, now? You do neeeeeeeeed it, and you would put it to good use, I know, because you would write stuff to entertain all of US with it!

    Oh, and swearing at the computer? Is there anybody who hasn’t done that? You can imagine the string of profanity that I spewed when mine ate 50,000 of my pictures last week, can’t you?

    Les Says: Hey now, in my own defense, I only killed ONE camera, and I drowned it; I did not explode it. We won’t go into all the exploded, blown and/or drowned stereos, VCRs, and TVs, because, truth be told, none of those belonged to me. 😀

    (Holy Frig, it takes a lot of commas to defend myself!)

    Don’t tell me the several hundred dollars worth of FIX IT! electronics that the Stereo Hut Geek sold you didn’t cough up your pics! PLEASE.

  3. I think the question should be, “Has anyone NOT sworn at a computer?”

    I’m trying to get creative at swearing at my computer using Irish and English slang. Example: Well, you’ve just burned my bollocks, Computer. Don’t be such a cheeky toerag!

    If I’m going to be swearing at it (which I am) I might as well have fun while I do it.

    Les Says: All I wanna know right now, Cardio”girl”, is where do you keep your bollucks?! LOL!

    (And if your server kicks back my reply this time, I’m going to grow some bollucks of my own.)

  4. Oh, jeeze, another free laptop givaway. If only.

    Les Says: WHEN I get this thing, Hairy, the first thing I’m gonna do is go see you and show it off.

    And speaking of seeing you – everytime I go to your blog, something comes along and interferes with my reading. I swear I’m not ignoring you. I’m gonna have to schedule “Hairy-Time”, I think, just so I can catch up with you and your antics.

  5. I want a new laptop too. Mine is behaving badly ever since I yelled at it. Perhaps if I apologized it would stop crashing on me.

    Les Says: Don’t give it the upper-hand, Tony. Your electronics are sentient. If they find you to be an easy mark, they will contact everybody else’s electronics via the Underground Intertube and there will be an uprising. I don’t have time to save you, too.

  6. I hope you win, sweetie, and I hope that my laptop doesn’t suffer any coffee-related accidents…the graham-cracker ones are bad enough.

    Les Says:
    Just watch those martinis… man, that would be a waste of booze. 😉

  7. I’d get a laptop but my lap is very small so it would probably fall off and get broken.

    Les Says: I think this model would survive… it might even survive the shit-kicking you give it when you get mad at it for sliding off.

  8. Personally, I think you’d great driving an air stream (most people tow them) with all your demolished electronics gear in it. Just remember, a truly portable computer makes the coffee in the morning. Otherwise, it’s a fraud.
    P.S. Hope you win it.

    Les Says: Thanks, Cat – I still think I need a Nanny – to make me coffee, and tell me where I left the indestructible laptop… and remind me to hook up the Airstream to the truck before driving off….

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