I’ve been on “forced down-time” for the last few hours. I’m behind on a few too many things, and I was starting to get a little…. “antsy”, lets say.

So I took a Life Sabbatical for a few hours…. went driving with The Fly-Girl. Had a couple of drinks. Watched part of a ballet on the fabulous new TV that doubles as a fireplace and cried a little, that’s how beautiful it was to watch.

I don’t want to work tonight.

So I’m not gonna.

I found THIS while Stumbling around the internet, and it was The Next Best Part of My Day. So, I wanted to share it with you all. GO.

(The Best Part of My Day was the telephone call from Cardiogirl. Thanks, Betch. Shet Bag?!)

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “Creep” (Acoustic) – Radiohead