I Am a BAD Blogger.

I don’t even have a photo ready to put up. I have about seven half-written posts that I had publish dates all set for, and I can’t seem to get anything finished. Started, yes – as usual, I’ve managed to start innumerable projects. Finished, not so much.

I quit smoking on January 1st. Yup, I did. Of course, I’ve cheated several times since yesterday afternoon (I would blame The Countess of Cool for that, if I had the guts, but just because the cigarettes came from her purse, that doesn’t really relieve me of the obligation of accepting responsibility for doing the actual smoking of said cigarettes. Does it? No, I guess the onus is on me for that part of it. Still, I wish I could blame her without feeling guilty. Besides, I imagine she’d punch my nose if I blamed it all on her, and lumpy-bumpy-crooked as it is, I kind of like my nose.

I was all set to tell you all about the fabulous new J.O.B. that I’d snagged to replace this temporary contract, too. Except that I didn’t snag the damned position, so I’m back at square one as far as the J.O.B. hunt goes.

I refuse to panic. I believe a better position will come up (shut up – the thought makes me feel better, and rabbit-holes are appearing all over the place, waiting to suck me down, so I need to believe that), if I stay vigilant and jump on the opportunities. And there are opportunities popping up all over the place! Several really exciting things are arranging themselves with very little effort on my part – all I’ve had to do is say “Yes!” to them. They are scheduled over the next couple of years, mind you, and there are only three so far, so I still have to keep on keeping on… They are Dream Job opportunities, though, and also of a “temporary” nature, which I guess is what I love about them, and what makes them “Dreamy”. My Mobile Career is working itself out in a nearly effortless manner – I just have to keep myself and my kid alive until the time comes to embark on it.

Meantime, I have a month or two of “running money” set aside, and this placement has two more paychecks in it yet, so I can still afford to be a little picky about what I apply for. It still feels a little strange to be able to say that, even though I’ve set it up to work out that way. Weird, that something actually worked out the way I planned.

So, three days in, 2008 is already exciting and fun – I’ve screwed up with the smoking already, granted, but have had a bunch of freebies thrown at me already, and I like the direction things are going.

And tomorrow I’m going to post something a little more interesting. Maybe it will be the groovy-cool “If I had known about this place last year at this time” linked post, because I still marvel over the relief of being out from under that huge anvil of thousands of dollars of debt, and if any of my readers are still feeling that, I’d like to be able to show them that it’s easier to get out from under than they might realize. Actually, that would be a series of posts, I guess, but I may start with that one.

I may post about Ruby’s family, instead, though. I have an almost-finished play-by-play of a pre-Christmas conversation with her niece that will make the Ruby Fans laugh for certain…

I also have more cartoons to go up.. and flash projects to complete that could still be posted in all their unfinishedness – cuz, even incomplete, they’re still cool… and more pics… and news of writing projects… and How Cool is My Kid video. As usual, a lot to choose from, but now at least, the Time-Crunch is easing and I’ll have the chance to organize them finally.

So, Happy 2008, Blog-Family, Regular Readers, and Lurkers, all! It’s going to be a wonderful year.

Random Song for the Day: “Jigsaw Falling into Place” – Radiohead