Look What I Got for Christmas!

The Hummingbird
She Followed Me Home… Can I Keep Her?

Meet “The Hummingbird”. Isn’t she gorgeous? I stole her from The Fly-Girl. For the moment, at least, The Fly-Girl doesn’t seem to miss her enough to send the cops after me (hmmm…. 16….. and therefore, clinically insane…. maybe in a few years I’ll be relieved if someone steals The Turkey out from under me), so I’m pleased all the way around. We “borrowed” her for the last week of the Christmas school holiday, and I’ve somehow managed to finagle an openish living arrangement. I do not want to give her back.

Maybe it’s that I have that Nanny, now? Not that The Hummingbird is a Nanny in her own right, but I believe she constitutes at least half a Nanny, at least, with The Turkey picking up the rest of the slack. Yes, temporarily, at least, I no longer need remind my own progeny (for the eighteenth time) that she hasn’t done her chores yet, to have her grumble, “Yeah, whatever…” and continue to sit there doing nothing, only to tell me a half hour later that I did not tell her what her chores were.

Now, I say, “Ky can you do the di-” and she’s half-way to the kitchen. Followed by The Hummingbird to help her.


This morning one kid brought me my coffee (and said Good Morning! Can you believe that?! I KNOW!!!), and the other one ran me a tub (!!!).


When I got home from work today… okay, you’re not gonna believe this, but I swear it’s true…. supper was cooking.


Random Song for the Day: “Boom Boom Boom Boom” – Vengaboys