About Natalie…

The God InterviewsI’m VERY late with this post. It is in part, a “thank you” post, and also an answer to a request.

Just after Christmas, I received from the UK, an autographed copy of Natalie d’Arbeloff’s incredible book of cartoons called “The God Interviews”. Along with it, Natalie sent a personal note on a post card she’d designed herself.

I wish I could call Natalie a “friend”. In truth, I am still too much awed by her to say such a thing. She is the epitome of “Artiste”, in my eyes. She’s doing many of the things I’m doing… except that I don’t throw my stuff out there with quite her panache. Sad to say, I’m not throwing much out “there” at all, yet. That’s soon about to change, as my comfort level of my so-called privacy expands – which it is doing, in leaps and bounds, and much more quickly than I ever believed possible.

Natalie is a writer, a cartoonist, a poet, a painter, a movie-maker, a Woman of Maturity with the Mind of a Child (that’s probably the part of her that I’m most in tune with). Most of all, to me, in everything she “puts out there”, she is A Story-Teller. And that’s how I would like to be remembered as – ummm… once I’m gone… in, oh, say, another hundred years or so. No, better make that two hundred – I have a lot left to say and do. I want to be remembered as a great Story-Teller. 😉

We have had a few email exchanges about her work and how much I admire it. Natalie is one of those “great” Artistes that seems to have an instant rapport with her fans, of which I am one, and every time she replies to a comment I’ve made on her blog, or visits mine, or sends me an email, I get just a little more star-struck. She’s a wonderful spirit, and I hope very much to meet her one day.

Now, about the request….

When my book came, I was, of course thrilled to finally hold it in my hands. I’d seen the cartoons before – she published the book from her web-published cartoon panels, after all, but to actually get to read it by flipping pages instead of clicking a mouse, well… I guess that just makes the experience more tactile. Is that an odd thing to think, Natalie? Somehow I think you would laugh out loud and say “Ex-ACT-ly!!” in that warm, rich voice you have.

I immediately emailed her to tell her I’d got it, read it… (twice already, and once to the cat) and that I was going to carry it around with me in my kitbag until I’d got it out of my system. She emailed back, pleased that I’d received it, and touched that it meant enough to me to carry it around. And she asked that I blog about it.

So, of course, I immediately set about taking pictures of the book sticking out of my kitbag. And Hilary Federwhore (the whore that she can be) just refused to cooperate, and she wouldn’t do justice to the cover at all.

So, now, late – argh, I’m blogging about it and suggesting very strongly that you all visit Natalie’s blog and take advantage of the deal she is offering for an autographed copy of “The God Interviews” which will be available until February 1st. Clicking on the photo caption of the cover, or the link in that first paragraph above will take you to Amazon if you’d like to purchase an unautographed copy.

Spend some time on her blog and click a few links to Natalie’s other work. I guarantee you a fascinating experience.

So, again, Natalie – thank you, thank you, thank you! I still love, love, love, the book (as does the cat), and I’m looking forward to purchasing more of your work in future. I still hope to see a print of your “Apples” become available – it was a great thing, watching that take shape as you created it.

Random Song for the Day: “Out of Space” – The Prodigy