Dead on a Dare

Dead on a Dare
Dead on a Dare

So, I did it, Suzi. I “killed” The Hummingbird, and I drew a chalk outline around the body.

The picture didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped – probably drawing in the mush and the muck of a Canuckian sidewalk in winter had something to do with that, but having a concerned citizen stop her car in the middle of the intersection to ask if The Hummingbird was okay while I was in the midst of the dirty deed didn’t help much, either.

After having to explain that it was all an “Internet Joke” before the lady would leave, I got nervous, which is why I drew around The Hummingbird’s hood instead of taking my time and drawing a more “headish” shape. I took a fast and dirty shot with the camera, and then felt the need to scramble around in an attempt to hide the evidence, in case Concerned Citizen decided to call the cops on me, anyway.

And now there’s the nagging thought that if a murder had really taken place on my doorstep, nobody would have bothered to stop and ask questions…

The Hummingbird took it all surprisingly well, embarrassing as the whole thing was, as evidenced by the next picture.

Screw You, Auntie...
Screw You, Auntie.

If looks could kill, I’d be an outline on the pavement, too….

Random Song for the Day: “What Kind of World Do You Want?” – 3 Days Grace