Dead on a Dare

Dead on a Dare
Dead on a Dare

So, I did it, Suzi. I “killed” The Hummingbird, and I drew a chalk outline around the body.

The picture didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped – probably drawing in the mush and the muck of a Canuckian sidewalk in winter had something to do with that, but having a concerned citizen stop her car in the middle of the intersection to ask if The Hummingbird was okay while I was in the midst of the dirty deed didn’t help much, either.

After having to explain that it was all an “Internet Joke” before the lady would leave, I got nervous, which is why I drew around The Hummingbird’s hood instead of taking my time and drawing a more “headish” shape. I took a fast and dirty shot with the camera, and then felt the need to scramble around in an attempt to hide the evidence, in case Concerned Citizen decided to call the cops on me, anyway.

And now there’s the nagging thought that if a murder had really taken place on my doorstep, nobody would have bothered to stop and ask questions…

The Hummingbird took it all surprisingly well, embarrassing as the whole thing was, as evidenced by the next picture.

Screw You, Auntie...
Screw You, Auntie.

If looks could kill, I’d be an outline on the pavement, too….

Random Song for the Day: “What Kind of World Do You Want?” – 3 Days Grace

6 Replies to “Dead on a Dare”

  1. Hi Les,
    This is hilarious dare! And in all honesty, something else struck me abt your site : It is BEAUTIFUL ! Hardly a regular description for a site or blog but it is! And I said that not because you have visited My Den.
    Take care.

    Les Says:
    Wow! Thank you! If you’re referring to the blog design, I must give credit to Camden Bucey, though… He built the “Coffee Stain” template, and is kind enough to allow me to use it. It suits me very well.

    Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft – I hope you come and visit often.

  2. LOLOLOL! I am cracking up at your jacked-up drawing. It appears that your corpse was headless! What a good sport that hummingbird is. Thanks for playing, Les! I think this game could become a regular feature.

    Les Says: Aw Jeez. I think it only fair to tell you… The Hummingbird said, whilst lying on the gross, wet, cold pavement, “I don’t like that broad that made you do this, Auntie.”

    This was how I rewarded her for doing all the dishes and scooping out a disgusting cat-box – and it’s YOU she “doesn’t like”… 😀 I’ma keepin’ ‘er, fer sure. If only to see what I can get her to do on the next dare!

  3. My kids beg me to do this all summer long in our driveway, on the sidewalk, wherever cement and chalk come together.

    Sadly, no one stops here in Detroit to question any of it.

    Les Says: The spot I murdered The Hummingbird on was once the sidewalk chalk Mecca of Cathcart Sreet. Sadly, pretty much all of those adorable little kids have turned into juvenile delinquents. I should count my lucky stars that they were all elsewhere, most likely busting into cars, during this escapade.

  4. Next time have the chalk outline giving someone the finger.

    Les Says: Oh! Stan!! Where were you when I needed you?! That would have been perfect!

    Thanks for the visit – come on back, ‘kay?

  5. The poor dead half-a-nanny! LMAO! Such a shame, so young, so pissed!
    My paper bag bottle awaits the Monday staff meeting. I know we’ll pass it around and sing “Kumbaya” or something. I’ll get pictures.

    Les Says: I’m looking forward to that one. God, I wish I could be THERE for that one!

  6. Not a very flattering outline, looks like you beheaded a football player. No wonder she was pissed.

    Les Says: Hey! I’d be offended if you weren’t so right… 😉 Maybe I should have stuck a sticky note on there that says “HEAD”? ROTFL!! In other words, I’m glad I didn’t draw YOUR dare – you have way more guts than me, OldGuy.

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