Okay, So I’ve Jumped on Another Band-Wagon…


I’ve been asked to write a post about Blogsvertise. Yes, it’s one of those services that pays bloggers to write about products, services, and websites. I’ve long been looking for a way to monetize Where the Walls are Soft, partially because I once was heavy into online marketing, proving to myself that it is possible to make some money (assuming you’re willing to put in the 36-hour days to do it), and partially, because the last several years have been a merry-go-round of contract J.O.B.s, followed by unemployment, and I can use all the income streams I can get.

So, why Blogsvertise, and not one of the myriad of other “Blog This” sites? I guess, because it seems to be the closest to the way I’m already blogging for free.

I absolutely hate the idea of shoving product after product in the faces of my readers. I love sharing blogs and links and products I do like and use and read and buy with everybody, and my stats prove that a lot of my readers click those links. Some even actually buy stuff based on my weird little reviews, believe it or not… and so far, at least, knock wood (er… formica, in my case….), none of my regulars has complained to me that I’ve gone all Retail-with-a-Hard-Sell at y’all.

And, truthfully, the idea of three square meals a day again kind of appeals to me…

Also rather appealing to me, is the fact that I don’t necessarily have to endorse any product I blog about. The rules are fairly… hmmm… word..? “Fair” to the blogger, comes to mind. The main rules seem to be that my blog has to be established (they say 2 months – I’ve been around for nearly 3 years, despite the fact that I’ve “minused away” a year or so of this blog’s history, so I’m good there…), I must write at least 2-3 paragraphs (like I’m able to write less than 12-15 paragraphs?!), and that I’d have to link to the client at least three times in the post. I figure I’m creative enough to manage that without ticking you all off in the process.

Guess we’ll find out, huh? 😉

* * *

PS – Ya gotta love this one…I clipped it from “My Big World of Crap”.

A would-be suicide bomber fell down a flight of stairs and blew himself up as he headed out for an attack in Afghanistan, police say.

I can see the merits in using the local village idiot as a suicide bomber. No point wasting more skilful and valuable resources on such missions. However, evidently there is an intelligence threshhold below which the idiocy endangers the mission’s objectives.

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