So, Is India the New World Power, Now?!

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Okay, I’m having trouble following… I’m unemployed. The last thing I want is to have to go back to retail. Well, no, actually, the last thing I want is to have to go back to a call center – but retail is pretty freaking close behind…

I just went back to school for certification in some business courses, along with web development. These were hardly my first choices, but there were reasons at the time to take those options. Now, it looks like I might have to fight to keep the “WTF did I take this crap for again?” thoughts from overwhelming me. Again.

I’m running out of J.O.B.’s in my new “field” to apply for. My next option is to apply for any and all general office positions I can find. I thought I’d give the administration offices in our local steel industry a shot. And then somebody reminds me that our local steel industry has been bought out.

By a foreign company.

In India.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t get a job there… except there’s been talk of all the administrative positions now being outsourced to another company.

A foreign company.

Yes. It’s in India.

I’m not sure if I’ll need an interpreter when I call to see if they’re hiring or not….

I’ve been thinking seriously, too, about that idea of a Ruby “blook”. Every time I look into self-publication, though, something turns me off the idea. Maybe it’s that I’d feel more like a “real” author if I actually had a “real” agent trying to make their 15% cut by trying to sell my stuff to a “real” publisher… I have dreams of becoming the next Lucy Maud Montgomery and having my best-sellers translated into a bzillion languages… I wonder how Ruby would “read” in Punjabi or Sanskrit….

I also wonder if I should go back into the production business again… bring back the shorts and put ’em up on LesTV… It’s not that I’m short of ideas, or even young slaves to do much of the work for me for free (ask me about “The Magnificent Binky” sometime) – it’s that I’m so short of TIME. I could starve before anything starts bringing in any cash…

But, assuming I go back to them, if the video shorts do start taking off, I’m going to start syndicating them in other languages within seconds. I know just where to go for that, too.

There’s this company I found…

It’s in India.

Random Song for the Day: “Back in the U.S.S.R” – The Beatles

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7 Replies to “So, Is India the New World Power, Now?!”

  1. Hey there you!

    It tickled me to read back the first comment I ever left on your blog (I’d forgotten about that)! Ah, sorry to hear how tough you’re finding it to place yourself in some valid job that can utilise what you’ve got. Keep on keeping on, something has to break (and I’m not talking about your bank account, either).

    Write, write, write (you listening here?) you do it well. Sorry I’ve fallen off the radar as of late, but I am still around here and there – so I’ll be keeping an eye on you. I’ll check back for a progress report, so be warned!

    Yours threateningly,
    Shrinky x

    Les Says:
    HEY! Ain’t you s’posed to be writin’ a BOOK?! Thanks for the visit!

    I checked back for that comment – seemed like forever ago… April 26 – yup. The day before I started smoking again. LOL! And you gave me right shit in the next one, too. Nice.

    For those that want to see…

    PS – 11 Days Smoke-Free! You should send me booze, Carol – I deserve it.

  2. Les, this sucks it big time. I had the same thought you had seconds before you wrote it:

    “…it’s that I’m so short of TIME. I could starve before anything starts bringing in any cash…”

    That’s the rub with writing, as you know. And I also found it really interesting that my thoughts are exactly the same about self publishing, including “I’d feel more like a “real” author if I actually had a “real” agent trying to make their 15% cut by trying to sell my stuff to a “real” publisher…”

    We are one in mind today.

    Good luck Les.

    Les Says: Have you not noticed that we generally seem to be of one mind on most things, Shetbag?! It sometimes frightens me a little…

  3. Ah geez, sorry to hear you’re unemployed at the moment Les. I think the writing is a good idea, but yeah, it isn’t easy to make money at it.

    Now you know, I work in a call centre. Oh wait, you’re referring to big call centres with a million incoming lines and everybody calling is a jerk. Nope, definitely not the type of place where I work.

    Les Says: I think this town might be THE Call Center City of the planet… every time the Steel plant lays off more people, or the paper mill goes into receivership, it seems they open yet another call center. I think we have 5 or 6 different centers here now.

    I worked at one for about 8 months when my retail J.O.B. hours dropped temporarily – I made outbound calls to the US to sell long distance packages. A lot of people yelled and swore at me. Some demanded MY phone number so they could call ME at home (my reply was generally to go ahead and give it to them, and ask what THEY sell…). Some people, though, would blow airhorns through the phone. A few of my coworkers lost a large percentage of their hearing during those calls – I never did have the joy of one of those, thankfully.

    The call that made me quit, though, was the little kid who wouldn’t let me talk to his mom, when I could hear her in the background. Laughing. He just kept calling me “Poopy-Head”. I could handle pots and pans banging, and people yelling and swearing at the top of their lungs, but “Poopy-Head” did me in.

  4. Seems to me, here in Michigan, that all the jobs are in India or China or Mexico. And I’d go to any of those places to get one but they don’t pay like they do here…which is why they’re there I guess.
    Anyway, here in the US, in a state ravaged by job loss due to the auto industry, I believe a day job consists of customer service, retail, banks, restaurants…sigh
    for inspiration please read my link waitress turned novel writer
    don’t give up on your book
    you’ve really got something!
    and slinging beer ain’t bad….lot’s of characters in bars, lots!

    Les Says: You’re in Michigan?! Closer than I thought, Aimee! Maybe I’ll look you up “dirt-side” when I meet Cardiogirl for coffee. I’m hoping to pull that off sometime in February…

    I won’t give up on the books. Yes. BOOK…S. I have too many in the works, which is probably part of the reason I’m stymied. And then there’s the screenplay…s. And the cartoon…s. And I’ve got three new web productions outlined. Damn, if I had the money, I’d just hire a crew to do this crap for me.

    I was a beer-slinger for years. Some of the things that come out of The Little Drunk’s mouth (character from the original, and then fictionalized “Ruby” story, since removed from this space until publication) came directly from the mouths of some of my … more odd… clientele… 😉

    Alas, I seem to have lost the legs for waitressing. I don’t have the speed required anymore, I don’t think.

  5. Les, go for it, relax – I’ll be your interpreter!! Remember where I was born?

    You shoulda got on the phone to me immediately!!!

    Les Says: I forgot about you and your Indianish linguistic skills!! Oooh, just wait ’til I have to call some help-line, now… 😀

  6. Hey, u have got a wonderful blog in here.. and not to worry that you are unemployed.. even in India(yeah! the same India you were talking about) , there are millions waiting to ge6 a chance.. and not all jobs are out sourced to here.. 🙂

    Keep blogging kep thinking and keep writing..
    All the best dear..

    Les Says: You mean just my job is….? No, sorry – just joking, really.

    Thanks for the visit! I appreciate the compliments very much, as well – I really like hearing good things about this place; I think I spend more time here than I should sometimes, but it feels like my “real” home, most of the time.

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