She Freaking Pierced Her Own Nose

Ouch - photo
Taken February 9, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

She swore she wouldn’t. Pinky-swore,even.

It looks like hell, doesn’t it? I told her it looked like it was infected already, and she said, “Yeah, but only a little infected.”

She’s been after me for over two years to let her do this. I told her we would “research” it – you know, ask around, get some advice, and make some phone calls. Every “professional-type” person we’ve talked to has said the same thing: Don’t. Do this. Yourself.

She agreed with everybody that told her that an infection of your nose would not be a nice experience, that getting it done professionally (with her mother’s permission) was the smarter move. We even looked at nasty, infected, gangrene-y pictures of nasty, infected, gangrene-y noses. My stomach is still flip-flopping.

Around here, you can only get a “professional” nose-piercing at a tattoo parlour. So, of course, at the end of all the “research”, she decided she’d rather have a tattoo. A very small tattoo. On her shoulder blade. Of a music note. Relieved and Happy Mommy said she would allow such a thing (done by a real tattoo artist in a real tattoo parlour with her real mother – ummm… yes, Me – present), if she could wait for her birthday next summer, and promised not to pierce her nose in the meantime. Problem solved.

Ha. Her nose will probably fall off, now.

Guess who ain’t gettin’ a tattoo for her birthday?

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49 Replies to “She Freaking Pierced Her Own Nose”

  1. So you’re actually telling me she just took that earring/stud whatever that blue stoned item in her nose is, and just jammed it THROUGH the skin of her nose? OWWWW!!!!

    Has she doused it with rubbing alcohol? That’ll kill the infection. It’ll hurt like hell, but it will kill the infection. Incidentally, I grew up with rubbing alcohol in the house and on every bloody anything that I presented to my mother.

    I believe I was in my mid-20s when I learned hydrogen peroxide will do the same thing and won’t BURN LIKE HELL!


    Les Says: Ky says, “No…. I put rubbing alcohol on my nose…. then I stuck a needle through…. and the reason why it looks all red is because it was bleeding because I tried to put an actual nose ring in. But… it DOES kill.”

    I think she’s trying to be tough and admit it hurts like hell at the same time. Stupid kid.

  2. Teenagers are such idiots sometimes. Can you even imagine how much that had to hurt? Kelly’s friend Halie pierced her own nose once, then ended up letting it close, so all that pain was for naught!

    I hope it heals nicely so that she gets to keep all of her nose.

    Les Says: Did Halie end up with a scar? I’m SURE Ky’s going to let this grow over (her ears have grown over about 8 times already), and then I’m going to have to listen to her bitch and moan about the big, horrific mess her nose is in. Assuming it doesn’t fall off, that is.

  3. Ewww……. good luck for not getting worse of an infection…….. 🙁 !

    Les Says: It actually seems to have cleared up now… no redness, no puffiness, no blood – well, unless I smack her one for piercing it in the first place. Haven’t decided about that yet.

  4. Oh my word.

    No… tell me she did not pierce her own nose! OUCH! I know there are times when I have a little blackhead on my nose and I find myself cringing in pain. How did she pull off piercing it?

    I hope it turns out ok though. Yikes.

    Les Says: YOU hope?! Omigod. Yes. She did this to herself. I still think her nose is going to fall off. And my parents will find a way to blame ME for it, you watch.

  5. ARAY!!! (That’s the Filipino word for ouch!) My goodness, just by looking on that pic, i can imagine how painful it is. She should go to a doctor rightaway, right? She did that by her own? How brave coz that surely hurts alot!!

    Les Says: Every time I bring her to the doctor, he rolls his eyes at her. She has an appointment coming up soon for her yearly physical – I can’t wait to hear what he has to say to her about this!

  6. That’s so incredibly gross! She’s an IDIOT! What was she thinking?! She could have gotten a tattoo! A tattoo! That’s a million times better than a nose piercing!! Pfft…kids these days 😉

    I hate nose piercings though – I think they look horrible, I don’t know – they just don’t do anything for me. But doing it herself *cringes* *then shudders* *then cringes again* I’m a wuss, I can’t even imagine how much that hurts! Her nose won’t fall off but there is a good chance that she’ll have a scar – especially if it gets infected. If it looks better already, she keeps it clean and doesn’t take the thing out for six weeks, she’ll be fine.

    Les Says: SHE might be fine, but *I* will never get over this. Nor will I hear the end of it from her grandparents.

    Yeah, let’s go back to “idiot”.

  7. Kids! Remember…my granddaughter kept on until she got her belly button pierced…they have to learn the hard way!

    Me, I’d have too much trouble picking my nose with that thing in there!

    Les Says: I never thought of that. I should have told her that her head would cave in.

  8. Hey I forgot to ask the first time, how does one decide WHICH side of the those to pierce? My niece has it on the left side. So when you look at her it’s on the left, but it’s HER right side. She’s right-handed and I had assumed that’s why she chose her right side.

    But when I was back in college I had my left ear double pierced, because I’m a bad ass. Yeah, that’s right. And the saying was “Left is right, right is wrong.” So my friends and I had only our left ears double pierced and not the right ear. Righty just has one hole in my head.

    So is there any meaning behind her piercing the right side (HER left)?

    Les Says: I haven’t a clue. When I was in high school, all the girls were doing the double-piercing and then triple and quadruple-piercing, but it didn’t matter which ear. The ones with the most guts had earrings up and down both ears.

    Of course, this was in the 80’s. when the tight jeans would restrict much of the blood circulation, so we probably didn’t bleed…

    I do remember when the guys started the piercing of one ear – that had to be done on the “correct” side – left, I think. Otherwise, they were labeled as “gay”.

    Addendum: Yes, apparently, around here at least, a nose must be pierced on the left (from the piercee’s POV – you would see it as on the right, Cardiogirl). Unless you want to be labeled as “gay”. Or unless you ARE gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Unless you FREAKING PIERCE YOUR OWN NOSE. There’s plenty wrong with that!

  9. couple of hints: if it does get infected:
    1) do not go to the doctor … go to the professional piercers … they are used to dealing with infected self-done holes and doctors want to heal the whole thing up – including the piercing.
    2) do not remove the piercing

    my understanding is that since this is a different kind of “wound” than most doctors are used to dealing with, they apply standard techniques to it which can actually make it worse. (I read about one case where the infection more or less got trapped inside instead of healing) a reputable and trained piercer, on the other hand, knows how to get the sucker to heal up for real.

    Les Says: Good to know, Ender… so far, so good on the “not infected-looking anymore” front. I will definitely keep an eye on it, though. God help me, it’s all I see when I look at her, now. 🙁

  10. OMG. Yow. Ky and Max are forbidden to spend any time together. The illustrated and holey-unholy alliance.

    Les Says: Great. Now, when I come to visit, I’ll have to leave her in the car…

  11. It sounds like you had worked out a very reasonable compromise. I always get fooled by that – thinking you can talk to a teenager like a reasonable, logical person.

    My daughter wants to get her tongue pierced, so I guess I better watch out. We haven’t made any agreement about a tattoo. We just said NO.

    Les Says: Yeah, see, I should know better… except that sometimes compromise actually sort of almost kind of works. To a degree.

    Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft, Anna! Hope you come and visit again!

  12. hi!

    i just can’t help but notice the swelling around the pierced area. that’s painful i’m sure. she should have sanitized the materials she used in piercing her nose before she did it. if in case an infection occurs, she better take antibiotics ASAP or else further damage to her nose could happen. I think she did enough damage already. 🙂

    Les Says: Hi Jessie – Actually, there hasn’t been any swelling. I’ve just spent the last few minutes peering at the picture, and I guess I can understand where you thought you saw swelling around the stud, but nope. That’s just her plain ol’ nose.

    She had pierced it the night before this pic was taken and managed to keep that side of her face away from me I guess… I never had a clue until she finally got the nerve up to tell me. Just before I took the picture, she had tried to remove the stud and replace it with a regular nose ring she had purchased – and that’s what started the bleeding – bits of which can still be seen in the photo.

    It looks like any other piercing today. I’m still pissed at her, though, to say the least.

  13. I enjoyed this blog too. The Webshot is very appealing to the eye but the site
    itself is better. The last post: She Freaking Pierced Her Own Nose – made me
    laugh. I’ve pierced my own bellybutton. I will visit again! I’m smiling

    — Terrah Dawn

    Les Says: Good to know I made you laugh – hope you didn’t pop your bellyring in the process…

    Thanks for the visit, Terrah – come on back today for The Big “Extra Copy” Caption Contest!

  14. And I thought I was “cool” when I had my sister pierce my ears…
    There is no explaining teenagers. Do you know that until about age 25 people are operating on stoopid?

    Les Says: Even more unexplainable is how they insist that it’s everyone else that’s stoopid…

  15. She pierced her frickin nose ? Man that’s gotta hurt.

    Another thing that works well on infections and is a little less painful than rubbing alcohol is hand sanitizer. I discovered that a couple of years ago when I got a nasty hangnail and I’ve used it ever since.

    Why is it kids do dumb stuff like this ? I mean we never did anything stupid right ?

    Right ?

    Les, stop laughing, it’s rude.

    Les Says: I’m… sorry…. OldGuy…


  16. Oh, my… I know a guy (ok, my hubby, but don’t tell him I mentioned it to all the world on a blog) who pierced his own ear when he was in college. It’s been closed for about 20 years, but he still has a sort of indentation there, so it looks like it’s still pierced. A reminder of his former youth, I suppose. 🙂

    Les Says: I’ve seen some older men with earrings – when I think about it though, those “old” men are probably guys I went to high school with. 🙁

  17. That must have hurt like crazy. I pierced my own ears as a teen, but nothing like this! Love your blog.

    Les Says: Thanks, Cindy! Nice to have you here… make sure to come and visit often. Hey enter the Caption Contest, what say? Great prize in it for you…

  18. Getting a pierce is an art for me, in fact I have one on my brows, but doing it on your own without the knowledge on how to do it right is definitely a “no – no”

    Les Says: Where were you when I needed you, Bittersweet?! 😉

    Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft – come back soon!

  19. its no biggie ive pierced my lip 5 times my tongue 4 and my nose 4 ..and know my bell getts infected at first ,but then you need to clean it about 2 times a day for about 3 should be fine..

    Les Says: ….Ah, but, after losing all the nose-rings in my keyboard, the kid ended up letting it grow back over – surprise, surprise. No scar. Now, THAT surprised me! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft, Suzanne.

  20. haha i percied my own lip when i was 11.
    now im in to all the drugs and shit and 12

    Les Says: Wow. Your mom must be proud.

  21. sorry to say but i was joking!!
    thats what shell be into next probably ..
    whats her agee?

    Les Says: She would be 14-going-on-40. Round-about.

    And, so far, drug free!! Woo hoo!

  22. I have my nose pierced and its not infected!!! if u would have cleaned it maybe that wouldnt have happened!!! and are u retarded to had pierced it your self!!!

    Les Says: She may very well be – the jury is still out on that one.

  23. hey umm yea im 13 i pierced my nose myself on my b-day in may then i let it close up cuzi didnt like it then ii was talking about it nd i pierced it myself nd my sister pierced hers herself nd neither of are have gotten infected u just have to take care of it nd make sure stuff doesnt like get stuck to it nd u have to spin it ever so often i have a nose ring nd it doesnt hurt that bad unless it infected or u put the hoel to high or to low u have to now exactly where to put it ………. and i will admit it doesnt hurt till u have to POP the cartiladge i’ve pierced my ear cartiladge myself and i was talking to my moms friend who does piercing and tatoo u just have to mkae sure if ur putting a earring in it to soak it in peroxide first.. and clean ur piercing wen u get up nd go to bed nd make sure no crusty shit like stay on it nd make sure it stops bleeding before u put the stud or ring in……….but yea wat im trying to say is i’ve had my nose ring in for like 3 months now nd its still not infected u rlly just need to take care of itnd stupid shit wont happen

    Les Says: Ahh. Good to know.

  24. ewww she pierced it with the wrong nosering that shits nasty i have my nose pierced and i did it on my own it didnt hurt till then ugghhhh and ive done it more than 4 times she/he shouldve put alchol

    Les Says: Again – no infection, and alcohol aplenty. And it’s been grown over for months, now, and thankfully scarless.

  25. Insight from a piercer:
    First of all: OUCH! I had my nose pierced and it hurts, even when done professionally. She must have a high tolerance for pain, or just really wanted a piercing!
    Piercing any part of your body with an earring (including a piercing gun) is a no no. Using solid tools pushes the skin out of the way, which leads to a higher risk of infection. A professional piercer will use a hollow needle to actually “punch out” the area where the jewelry will go. If you should ever come upon this problem again (although I’m sure she won’t after that reaction! 🙂 ), a teaspoon of sea salt in one cup of warm water for about 10 minutes will ease the pain and clear away any matter. Also, never EVER touch the jewelry with your hands. This includes twisting, which does nothing more than irritate the piercing site and prolong healing time. To reduce infection, an anti-microbial soap like Provon is recommended. Antibacterial soaps, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and products like Neosporin should be avoided as they are not meant for puncture wounds and can be irritating and even counter-productive to the healing of the wound.
    I’m glad to hear the jewelry was removed and the site of the wound is cleared up.
    Hope you never have this problem again! Good Luck!

    Les Says: I think (I hope?) she may be done with the nose-piercing business. If she mentions it again, I will read your comment to her verbatim!

    Thanks for the visit, Kira!

  26. i just went to get my nose peirced and the lady made it clear to NOT NOT NOT put rubbing alcohol on your nose. i think mine is swollen. i would just see a tatooist or a peircer

    Les Says: …or neither, hopefully. Her nose is still “grown in”, and she’s still not getting a tattoo, if I can possibly prevent it.

  27. Oh puh-lease, don’t try and tar all us young people with the same brush! I know plenty of teenagers that are actually capable of rational thought- we’re not all stupid hormone crazy selfish teens ya know 😉 .I wouldn’t dream of piercing my own nose- with an earring no less! Ow!!

    Hopefully she wont end up with keloid scars- but at least she’ll have learnt her lesson right?

    Les Says: Nope – no scars – all safely grown over again, now… and she’s a good kid, as are her friends. No booze, no drugs, no shop-lifting – and she’s a LOT more rational than her mother is… 😉 She plays her music too loud (which I encourage), and still dreams of a tattoo (which I continue to DIScourage). I love her to death – I would be lost without her.

  28. wow, okay.
    first off, she did it way too high on her nose so good thing she took it out
    what did she pierce it with?
    i pierced my nose myself 4 days ago with an earring, and switch to a real nose stud
    my mom didnt care, she just thought it would hurt
    my dad yelled at me, but let me keep it
    but i must say, you do sound like one bitch of a mom. if my mom talked about me like you do with your daughter, i would hate her so much and cuss her out too

    Les Says: You would cuss out your MOM?! Wow, am I ever glad MY kid has a decent sense of humour!

    By the by… she pierced it with an earring and then switched it to a real nose stud. Just like you, apparently. Once the bloodiness went away, it looked really cute. And then she got sick of it and let it grow over. And nobody yelled. Not even her bitch of a mom.

  29. It was rather stupid to pierce her own nose especially considering the risk of infection. But it irritates me when people say all teens are in capable of rational thought or compromise. I’m seventeen and i have 12 piercings as of yesterday all of which were approved by my parents. I got my tongue done yesterday because i made a deal with my mom that if i acted mature and did good on a big test i had that i could get it done. Well, Guess what i didn’t pierce my own tongue or try to do anything stupid like that just because i wanted a piercing i compromised and listened to my parents concerns. But then again no teenagers are capable of rational thought according to some at least.

    Les Says: Having both BEEN a teenager, and played Mom to one, I have to say, sorry, that I really don’t believe many teenagers have the capacity for rational thought. I never had a rational thought even once between the ages of 14 and 20. I consider myself lucky that Ky hasn’t yet come home with a tongue-piercing or a tattoo already. And if my kid would trade grades for piercings… hmmmm. I’ll have to consider, now….

  30. Pingback: Cardiogirl: 19% body fat 100% fun » We met, she lived and in Canada I’m considered a bad ass

    Les Says: Hmmm. Well, she can’t smell a dirty cat-box, if that’s what you mean, but I don’t think she could do that before, either.

  32. well, i did my own nose, and the first couple days it was like that.. you just have to take care of it properly. i’ve had mine for like a year and a half now, and sometimes it gets infected because of my makeup.. but i wash it one night, and wake up, clean it and it’s fine.
    i also did my lip, ha.
    and my belly button.

    🙂 not suggested though.

  33. well, i did my own nose, and the first couple days it was like that.. you just have to take care of it properly. i’ve had mine for like a year and a half now, and sometimes it gets infected because of my makeup.. but i wash it one night, and wake up, clean it and it’s fine.
    i also did my lip, ha.
    and my belly button.
    and i have my tongue done.

  34. As for which side to Pierce it is a personal choice. Culturally the left side is to support good fertility. I just had the right side done. Could not tell you why I picked the right just thought it would look better. If you rise it with salt water it will naturally disinfect it. Rubbing alcohol is the worst for a piercing. Ans i would never do it myself. I have to give her credit on the placement. The nice thing about noses is they adjust as easily as your ears so you can go to a much smaller jewelry with out a gape, The hole should change size over night if covered with a baindaid to insure the new piece does not fall out.

  35. Nose piercings are usually done on the left side (like i have mine)
    thts the ways Indians do it and im an Indian
    Actually in India its kind of like a tradition
    so u’ll see girls as little as 1 and 2 with their noses pierced !

  36. *sigh*

    The fruit of my loins started at age 16 begging to get her tongue pierced. I said ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY NOT. I said, when you’re 18 and you want to have something so disgusting done, that’s up to you, but until then it’s not only NO, it’s HELL NO.

    I showed her pictures of infected tongue (of which I still have nightmares.) I told her how she would always have the Breath of Hell, probably chip some teeth, and would most likely never be able to talk again (I thought for sure that would get her.)

    She turned 18 and the first thing she did was get her tongue pierced. Thankfully, she had it done professionally. She was quite happy, until she chipped a tooth. And almost killed her BF with the Breath from Hell.

    The moral of the story? Kids will do what they want to do, but you don’t have to make it easy for them.

    Little snotbabies.

  37. Last night my sister pierced her lip while I was at the movies. She had to imediately remove it and put tripple antibiotic ointment on it. I am her guardian and she didn’t discuss anything with me she is scary compulsive, if she isn’t cutting her hair, she is dying it and if she isn’t dying it, she pokes a ring through her lip. I think it stems from serious need to transform herself into someone else. IT is really getting annoying.

  38. hey , my name is Adrienn and im 13 years old & i totally peirced my own nose 🙂
    i was lucky enough not to get it infected & it looks great . my parents dont know and i dont really plan on telling them . i already asked them previous times and they told me NO . no reasoning or anything ; just no . so my hard headed self went and did it anyway (: i dont see why i wouldnt be allowed to get it peirced ? i am in 8th grade & i get straight A’s . i do all my chores and and most of the time my older & younger brothers chores ! but whatever ; im not here to complain 😀 so yeah its suggested to get your nose professionally peirced (: ahahaha .

  39. big effin deal.. im 14 and i have ma nose.. did it myself and its great now.. of cousre it was red the first couple of days . what can ya do ? every earrin is like dat . itll heal . i espect her for doin wat she wants . after all, shes only bein herslef . shouldnt u want dat as a parent ? i would .

  40. Hey im a 16 yr old i pierced mi own nose as well! its been peirced a lil over a month and hasnt got infected yet. i jux recently switched to a hoop ring instead of the stud and its red becuz the hoop stretched the hole open a lot more than wat it was. it hurt for a while but not too bad. jux take mi advice clean it with rubbing alcohol and peroxide for a few days at least 7 or 8 times a day and it should look healthy again. If it still looks infected after a week go into a doctor and have them look at it.

  41. At least she didn’t try her tongue.
    She can’t be that stupid enough, to leave it in, or not clean it enough, that it will get so infected that it will cause a problem.
    I have 12 piercings, 8 ear, 1 lip 3 nose. 4 were done professionally. those were my ears.
    Of course it’s going to look ‘infected’ it still needs to heal.
    Nose piercings usually reject the first time, it happened to me, and two of my friends.

  42. Okay, I get that you’re mad at her, but callin her all these names, you know, it wasn’t a good idea… but, sometimes mothers do not understand when a kid wants their nose pierced, they mean right now… not in two months, they want it right when they say it.

    And plus, it doesn’t even look that infected and you said it was healing up, so why are you still talking about it? @_@

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