The Big “Extra Copy” Caption Contest!

Caption Contest

Do you remember when I blogged about receiving an autographed copy of Natalie D’Arbeloff’s book of cartoons, “The God Interviews”?


A funny thing happened….

My Betchiest of Betches, Cardiogirl, was going through some tough ol’ crap at about that time. I had this idea that reading “The God Interviews” would cheer her up. So, being the groovy-cool broad that I am, I bundled my copy up, all lovey-dovey-like and sent it to her. As a loan, as I was careful to strongly impress upon her in the post-it I stuck to the cover.

The plan was for me to pick it up when we finally meet for coffee. It would also act as somewhat of a guarantee that we would meet for coffee, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would.

I didn’t tell Cardiogirl any of this – I wanted it to be a big surprise in the mailbox.

But –

Shortly after I handed the package to Nice Post Office Lady, well… I sort of kind of already missed my book. It got worse once I got home…

I sat in my comfy chair and turned on the Ugly Lamp. Sheikh, the big, old, fluffy, orange, sneezy cat that owns me, took his cue and crawled up on my lap, snuggling down expectantly.

“Well…?” he asked.

“Well, what?” I asked back.

“Aren’t you going to read the book to me?”

How to tell him? He had sat with me, checking out those wonderful drawings, listening to me perfect my “Natalie voice” (and let me tell you that is one difficult voice to “do” – I’m still working on it), and watching intently as I turned the pages, sniffing at them.

I didn’t know what to say…

“You lost it, didn’t you?” he snorted, disgusted with me.

“I didn’t lose it.”

“Check under the laundry.”

“I didn’t lose it! I… ummm… loaned it.”

He raised his eyebrows at me.

“To who?”

“Whom,” I reprimanded, stalling.

“Don’t give me that crap. Where’s my book, Shet-bag?!” (‘Shet-bag’ is Sheikh’s new favourite word.)

So, I told him the whole story…

“Buy another one,” he said.

“Why? I’ll get it back in a couple of months!”

“I can’t wait that long. Buy another one and let Cardiogirl have the first one. I need to smell God.”

I agreed, finally, but only because I’d been thinking of doing so already. It’s not like Sheikh runs me, or anything. I mean… after all…

He’s only a cat.

So, I bought another copy, asking Natalie to send Cardiogirl one of her really wonderful self-designed postcards, letting her know that she could keep the one I’d sent her. And Natalie emailed back….

To let me know that Cardiogirl had read my original “Natalie” post and bought herself her own copy of “The God Interviews.” Behind my back.

I’d say “long story short” at this point, but I guess it’s too late for that.

We now have an extra copy of “The God Interviews”. Autographed, even!! So, with Natalie’s permission we are going to run a “caption contest” here, Where the Walls are Soft, and Over There at Cardiogirl’s place.

See that cool cartoon at the top of this post? That’s one of the panels in Natalie’s book, and she was gracious enough to send us the “uncaptioned” version, for you all to play with. Think up something cool, profound, funny, spiritual, sad…. what goes with that pic?

Leave a caption in the comments (yes, I know my comments can be a little buggery – if you get that nasty “error” page, hit refresh and it will tell you off for trying to post the same thing over again – don’t worry – I’ll get it.) Then click on over to Cardiogirl’s place and write a different one in her comments if you like. Then come back tomorrow and do it all again.

But for certain ( and for certain!) click over to Natalie’s and see what you could win (Autographed, even!!)! We will choose three finalists and the rest of you can vote for the winning caption on March 1st.

Put your Thinking Cap(tions) on!

Random Song for the Day: “Punk Rock Superstar” – Marcy Playground

16 Replies to “The Big “Extra Copy” Caption Contest!”

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  2. I LOVED the super teeny tiny sentence: “He’s only a cat.”

    But we both know he’s so much more than just a cat.

    Les Says: SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If he knew I wrote such a thing….!

  3. 1. Me: “The rug of life keeps slipping out from under me!”
    God: “That’s why I’m here.”

    2. Okay, so I’m not white…you decide!

    I think Dale has it in the bag!

    Les Says: ROTFL!! I don’t know, Mushy… both of those are pretty freaking funny!

    #’s 2 and 3 recorded. Come on, you people! Where are you?!

    Les Says (Again): Whoah! Addendum! That first one isn’t “funny” – I should have said they were both “good”, sorry – that first one is more of a “comforting” thing. I like it. A lot.

  4. “I need to smell God.” I love it! LOL.

    Les Says: ROTFL!!! I take it that’s your caption entry, Angelika? Say yes! Say yes! That’ll make you #5…

    PS – I’m pretty sure Sheikh thinks Natalie is God…

  5. Les, that’s a holy cat you’ve got! I’m thrilled that he’s a fan of my book and I’m sure the big G is too. Do you think he’d like a job as my agent? The cat, I mean. Thanks for this great introduction to the contest that you and CardioGirl dreamed up. I’ll be watching the results with great interest.

    Les Says: If Sheikh’s gonna be anybody’s agent, he’s gonna be mine!! And every time I bring it up, he rolls his eyes at me. He was quite interested in the new copy – do you happen to have animals? Maybe he just likes YOUR smell? Anyway, the new one is covered in Sheikh-spit… just the way he likes it. 😉

  6. Left some caption thoughts at CG’s, also put a little linky love about the story, the contest, cartoon and book at my place…

    Need some help convincing large male person that we need a cat.

    Les Says: Awww, thanks, Elle. You are the shet-baggiest, aren’t you? 😀

    Ky keeps on about stray cats, too… if you can get hubby to agree, I’ll send the next one to you. UPS. With a nose-ring.

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  8. “Ya, I’m bald but I’m flying a carpet. Why is it that the only thing you guys ever notice is that I’m bald?”

    So I did 1 for you and one for CG.

    Les Says: Good job, Aimee; thanks! You’ll be #6 here, but we’ll amalgamate them all and tally them together (If I don’t keep track one-by-one, I’ll go nuts trying to count them later, I know it!).

    If you think of any more, come on back – no limit!

  9. Not good with words here, so I just leave it to others 😀
    Have fun 🙂 !

    I love the cat story – cats are great!

    Les Says: Yes, they are… cat SPIT, now, is a whole ‘nother story.

  10. “Wow, when I said I needed a little pick-me-up I never expected this !”

    Les Says: Ooooh! Good one! That would be #7.

  11. (singing) “A whole new w–AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!”

    Les Says: I’m not sure if you mean He dropped her or startled her, Beck, but either way, it’s funny…

    That’s #8. Thanks!

  12. Just read that review, none to flattering eh ? Then again the name of the web site is “i hate your web site” so there’s not much of value there.

    You know Les, when I get an idea for a poem or a story I feel a real joy, it’s like i can hardly wait to put the ideas down because I feel I’m creating something. I’m sure you feel the same, as does anyone who actually creates something, be it a poem, a story, a buiding, whatever.

    I wonder if this person feels the same joy. I doubt it.

    Les Says: I don’t know, OldGuy – when I requested the review, I was pretty sure he would say scathing things, and was looking forward to a laugh. He advertises blatantly that his reviews probably will be not too polite, he “tells it like it is”, yada yada – gotta give him credit for that.

    Other reviews of sites that he’s written actually had some good advice thrown in about layout and colours, etc., ad placement, and what he thought might improve the site. That’s the stuff I was looking for from him – I figured I’d take the constructive with the nasty, but… nada.

    Ah well… you get what you pay for, right? Guess what I paid… LOL!

  13. Is this what you mean by “hand-delivered blessings”?

    Les Says: What a nice way to think of it! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft, Shayla – come back soon!

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