3 Replies to “Does It Really Need a Title?”

  1. That’s awesome! Where’d you get that?

    Les Says: Why, I made that, didn’t I, Shet-bag?! I have few talents, but I can sure as hell put a cat in a tuba if I really want to. šŸ˜€

  2. ppphhhnnnnnooooorrrgggppp rowwwwl (just imagining exactly what that would sound like – tuba notes through a cat’s butt.) I’m just saying.

    Les Says: Yeah, Sheikh doesn’t look too impressed, either, does he? LOL! “ppphhhnnnnnooooorrrgggppp rowwwwl” I’m going to hear that and laugh every time I look at this picture, now.

  3. ROFL! You really give ’em what they want, eh Les?

    Speaking of giving ’em what they want, I took your suggestion and made my fortune cookie’s fortune change upon reload. Thanks for the great idea!

    Les Says: I’m the Ideas Man. Yup.

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