Where Did the Time Go?

Image: Where Did the Time Go?
Where Did the Time Go?
Taken March 1, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

Whew! That was a hiatus I would rather not have taken. The Real World sucks compared to this one, it really does.

That said, it could be added that my time “away” basically consisted of two types of events: losses and gains. These are some of them.

Lost: My hatred for cooking… sort of.

I’ve had to get into some tight routines during the last month, and since I already had the problem of rarely thinking of what’s for dinner, the idea of not having time to rush around anymore when I finally did realize we hadn’t eaten didn’t appeal. Starvation just doesn’t suit me. So, I smartened up (only took me a quarter of a century – not bad, huh?), and sat down and wrote a list of every meal ever known to man… er…. woman-kind, and wrote them on the calendar. Voila! Dinner is served. I’ve since discovered that it isn’t cooking that I hate, it’s not knowing what to cook. Problem solved.

Gained: Several pounds that have stayed with me.

Finally. No, it’s not from cooking – I was doing that anyway, I just wasn’t liking it, remember? It’s all muscle-mass, from the regular work-outs. Yes, Suzi, I’m working out! Every. Freaking. Day. My arms and legs hurt like hell, but I now have an ass again. Boobs can’t be far behind… 😀

Lost: One of my Ortho lenses.

This totally sucks, because now I’m back to glasses, which are heavy and hurt my already bumpy nose (bumpy because of the F-ing glasses, I might add). I’ve decided not to replace the lens, for several reasons: they cost an unreal amount of money – it took me so long to pay for them, in fact, that I’m too embarrassed to call my optometrist and make an appointment. And I’ll probably just lose one again. And, since they wear out and cost so much, I let them go too long and they cause a freaky sensitivity in one eye that makes it hard to sit in front of the computer for long. Or watch a movie. Or blink. I’m going to go to some eyesight mill and pick up a new prescription instead, and then get lasik surgery in another year or so. Take that blindness. Ha.

Gained:  A new desk.
Gained: A new desk.

It was Ruby’s. She didn’t know she even owned a desk. Now it’s mine. 😀 I will have to post about it, because it’s so cool.

Lost: My love for The Patch.

Freaky-Deaky dreams aside, the thing itches, and half the time I forget to put one on anyway. I’m only still using them at all because I still have some left and my mother says I “shouldn’t waste them.”

Gained: A new couch.

And a chair to go with it. To be delivered Wednesday. How cool is that?! I made sure to get a colour that will match the sheddiest cat.

Lost: One of four “I Want” lines between my eyes. I’m told they’re from stress (not from old age – who’da thunk?!), so I guess that’s a good sign. Who says wishes don’t come true? I’m going to erase my entire face with wishes, you just see if I don’t.

Gained: A sleep routine that works.

That might be why the “I Want” line disappeared, come to think of it. Mind you, all the sleeping, nice as it is, messes with my blogging. I wonder if “Remote Posting” is a possibility… It’s not like I make a lot of sense while awake, so what’s the difference, really?

Lost: The “Slow It All Down” button.

Or I’d have posted long before this.

Gained: A ton of new stories from both Ruby and my parents.

So, I’d better find that button, huh…?

Lost: David Letterman and Craig Ferguson.

The sleep routine just doesn’t allow for them anymore. The worst thing I’ve discovered out of this particular loss is that I can’t discuss U.S. politics with Ruby anymore (it’s pretty bad when everything you know about U.S. politics comes from David Letterman). We now watch movies after the crossword instead.

Gained: A new address.

Eventually. Maybe. I haven’t decided on this one. I hate moving even more than I thought I hated cooking. It’s a bigger place, though, and The Turkey wants to go. She may win this one. I have time yet to mull it over, though, and mull I shall.

Lost: The Hummingbird.

Well, I didn’t lose her, exactly (although, I couldn’t tell you for certain where she is, either), but she’s not here. I’m both heart-broken and greatly relieved. And up to my neck in “Oops, I take it back” government forms.

Gained: Hot water.

Gallons and gallons and gallons of it, now that I’m minus one teenager.

Random Song for the Day: “You Never Can Tell” – Chuck Berry

14 Replies to “Where Did the Time Go?”

  1. Oh, hi, wait, i remember you, you’re that girl, uh, Northern climate, uh, supposedly had a blog…. Glad you have survived the lost and found, hope you’ll get back to the Internets. Craig and Dave, eh, easy come easy go.

    Les Says: Elle…? Elle….? Is it you…? I’m having trouble seeing you from here. I’m at my parents’ and Holy Hell! My blog looks incredibly CRAPPY in Internet Explorer. Stupid Internet Explorer.

  2. hey! Glad to hear your voice! I was getting worried about you..

    Les Says: *I* was getting worried about me…! Every single day, I’m thinking, “I gotta post, I gotta post,” and then I’d be asleep. Hopefully, I’m over the worst of the outside influences, now…

  3. So glad you’re back! Even with the losses…

    Les Says: Some of those losses work in my favour, though, so it’s all good.

  4. Hey Les welcome back to the land of the living the really sick and tired of the snow and the cold weather (well, except I still want to beat that record).

    Actually, a little hiatus once in a while is good for the soul And they taste great with mustard on em.

    Les Says: Well, the hiatus didn’t have much to do with my soul… truth be told, I think my soul took some damage being away from here. 😉

  5. Welcome back! Interesting how our lives are parallel these days: I have been scarce, though not completely absent like you; my eyes are jacked-up and I can’t wear my contacts, but that’s because I’ve been writing ActionScript in Flash 20 hours per day (WFT with those weird contacts you wear? I’d never heard of them before I clicked your link. Oh, you crazy Canoodlians); I’ve been working out, too, but if there is any new muscle, its still neatly concealed beneath a blanket of flab; Sleep—tried it for a few nights, look forward to doing it again soon; Wrinkles: all of mine are present and accounted for. Teenagers: also present and accounted for, most of the time.

    I’m very worried about the Hummingbird, though! I hope all is well on that front.

    Les Says: Those contacts are SO cool. Originally, they were designed for pilots in (or just after…?) World War II. How cool is that?!

    I can not afford to worry about the Hummingbird. But worried I get at times. I hear from her quite often, though, as does her mother, so we know she’s alive. She dropped her common sense somewhere between homes, though, I think.

  6. Congrats on the tight ass! Can you bounce a quarter off of it yet? If someone threw a quarter at my ass, it would probably never be seen again.

    Les Says: At this point, I’m grateful for ANY ass at all – tight or not! I’ll work on that, though, and let you know (NO. NOT with pics!) In fact, I’ll work on catching quarters, how’s that? 😀

  7. That first sentence was to be an exclamation, not a question.

    Les Says: In that case, I’ll fix it for you. I’m nice, that way. Well, for Blog-Family, anyway, so you should be feeling special about now…

  8. Hey, it’s great to see you back! About the “remote posts”- WordPress lets you do future posts, which is pretty cool.

    Les Says: I know… I love that option. If I could manage to sit down and do more than go through emails and comments, I intend to begin “remote posting” on a regular basis, to get this stack of stories and pics online.

    I’m in a really weird space right now. Stuff that I never could find time to get done before seems to happen without me, but I can’t seem to work my routine around to including a blog post anymore! Ah well… this too shall pass…

    (It WILL pass, right?!)

  9. I’m a little concerned about the vacancy over here. What if a water pipe breaks, or what if mice get in and start chewing the wires? You should stop by and turn on a light once in a while, Les. I miss you!

    Les Says: I miss you back. Like you would not believe. This is all Louie’s fault, I swear.

    (I swear a lot lately… that’s all Louie’s fault, too.)

    No worries – I’m fine. The waking hours are badly compressed, unfortunately. 🙁

  10. Latest Diversion: Playing football again to cope with all the heartaches.

    gained: confidence in playing football again and competing with other great players.
    lost: weight and sweat and… my loved one

    Les Says: Oh, oh, oh! Are you okay?! Gawd, I go *poof* and the whole damned Internet goes straight to hell.

    Email me with the skinny, wouldja, BitterSweet – now I’m worried about you.

  11. Where are you Les? Where did you go?

    Les Says: Well, let’s see… I was trapped in the gargantuan stock-room of the New & Improved Store Formerly Known as StereoHut (“Come Visit Us at Our NEW Location!” Not.) for two days, then I was sucked into the whirling vortex called “Moving Crap Up the Hall” for F-ing Louie (formerly known as just Louie, but that was before he suckered me into nine days of torture) for the following seven. Then I collapsed and slept for several days.

    When I regained consciousness, I resumed the search for permanent employment and interview schedules. At some point (soon, please), I hope to return to Where the Walls are Soft – where it’s safe, and it’s warm, and it’s friendly.

    So, how’ve YOU been? 🙂

  12. Well, CG beat me to it, those were the questions on the top of MY mind. Miss you big big, and I know I’ve threatened telephonic action.

    Les Says: Hey, feel free! God knows, a friendly voice is always welcome. Lately, the only phone calls I get are computers trying to sell me on new credit cards.

  13. Well sheesh, with such a mixed bag of good stuff and not so good, I hardly even know what to comment about. How about just: Hi!

    Les Says: 😀 Hi back at you, Jay… come back! Come back! The NEW post is even MORE confusing!

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