Hello World!

Taken December 18, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

Okay, it’s just been so damned long since I’ve posted that it feels like a brand new blog. And what you see above is pretty much what everything that I’ve been up to to keep me from blogging boils down to (Holy ol’ shit, but that’s a lot of “to”s!). In other words: a whole lotta squat, so I don’t even have a good reason for it.

I’m almost finally through with some crap that up until last year, I was supposed to be dealing with on an annual basis. It got so depressing, that I quit “taking care of business” for nearly a decade, and then last year it all hit the fan and I had to deal with even more crap over it. Yes, I mean “medical” junk, and no, I’m neither “sick” nor in any danger of dying (barring unforeseen buses, as per usual), but I will say that I’m sick to death (har, har) of hearing the word “inconclusive”, which is why I quit going back year after year in the first place.

Last year, The Powers that Be threw me a few extra curve balls, and I wasn’t in much of an emotional state, to say the least, to be able to handle it well. At. All. I went into it this year not giving any kind of damn at all and I’m fairly overjoyed for a change to hear “inconclusive” to the usual crap only and consider the curve balls of 2007 to have been manifested from a bad state of being. I’m learning that “inconclusive” can be filtered through what serves as the logical portion of my brain (tiny though that might be) to the point that I can truthfully believe, with the gargantuan illogical portion of my brain, that the results actually came back as definite and inarguable “negatives” and in two more days I can forget about it completely. Until next year.

Now, enough of that bullshit.

On the J.O.B. front, I’ve had a little more progress since I quit trying to find a position in my so-called new “field”. Yes, folks, although not yet set in stone, it looks like I will be back in retail again. Everybody stick your fingers firmly in the back of your throats and say, “Gackh!”, ‘cuz that’s about what that amounts to.

At least, I won’t be selling electronics. And then refunding/exchanging them 24 hours later amidst the screaming and the crying. Thank God, because if I’d had to that again, I would also have to admit, for real this time, that the last two years of my life (almost to the day; how’s that for ironic?!) have been a complete and utter waste of my time and the Canuckian government’s money.

Ah, who am I kidding? Retail is retail – 24 months that I could have been a productive, if incredibly bitter and pissed-off, citizen paying my own way. All I had to do was re-apply to work for The Company instead of take the lay-off when Louie sold his store back to Them. Yes, “Them”. The thought turned my stomach. Still does, so I guess I should be grateful, huh?

And I am, I suppose… I had a nice holiday. I have a new education. Perhaps, I might even find a use for it, someday… πŸ˜‰

Actually, it really was a good two years, that way. I just wish I’d done more with the time than make plans for what I was going to do, instead of writing as much as I possibly could. I got more done on that front, truthfully, when I was schlepping computers and batteries full time, which, when I think of it that way, makes it more believable to me that I’ll write more once I’m schlepping completely different goods. Hope springs eternal, and all that…


Those of you that give a damn, please tighten those crossed fingers that this position really comes through, would you…? Thanks. πŸ™‚

Random Song for the Day: “Psycho” – Puddle of Mudd

8 Replies to “Hello World!”

  1. You’re right, this IS confusing – LIFE is confusing. But you rock.

    Les Says: Awww….. Jay. (I DO rock, don’t I? πŸ˜€ )

    How’s your dog, BTW? Has it got rid of it’s “Christmas weight”, yet, or are you still baking from the floor up? Sorry – I could not resist. I think of that story every time I see bake ware on sale at the mall…

  2. Fingers are tightly crossed that your new job comes through, and that it’s more fun and satisfying than you expect. Fingers of the other hand are crossed that you don’t take such a long blogging break again. I missed you! Welcome back!

    Les Says: I think I’ll like the new J.O.B. – at least while I’m still “larnin’ the ropes”. The money will feel like a fortune, too, after living on such a tight budget.

    P.S. I missed you, too. Hell, maybe I’ll even find some time to go visit YOUR blog! πŸ˜€

  3. If you were not here today I was going to send an email. Glad you are back.
    Keeping fingers crossed.

    Les Says: Hey, Denise! Thanks for the good wishes. I have to get over to your place and catch up – I miss you and Lucha…

  4. Les who?

    It’s about time gal…don’t make an old man wait so long for it – feed my brain!

    Les Says: Oooh, wait for it, Mushy! I’ve got some cool “Ruby Surprises” coming up for you! Just a day or two, now, I think (I have a driver that’s not cooperating and must be sworn at properly before I can edit something).

  5. (jumps up and down and claps like an idiot) Les is back! Les is back!

    I’m so glad to hear that inconclusive is really a good thing and that you’re back in the blog world. My fingers are crossed tightly for you. I’m so glad you’re back!

    Les Says: SIT, Betch, SIT! πŸ˜€ You nutbar…

    Yes, I is back. And feeling incredibly guilty over a caption contest, for some reason. I will get on that this eve… we shall have to change the name to The Big BELATED Extra Copy Caption Contest.

    P.S. Hey, I almost got to Detroit a week ago… it all went to hell in a minivan, though. Soon. You can keep your fingers crossed on that one, too, ‘kay…? πŸ˜‰

  6. ::::Joining CG on the nutbar cartwheel turning express:::: YAY! Ahem, you owe us some serious blogging young lady. Now, you do remember some of the very few advantages of retail, right? You can: 1. Quietly and subtly mess with people, not so much that they notice, but just enough to keep yourself amused during long retail day. Remember, I was once a fragrance model, they’ve got that down cold. 2. People watch like a fiend, and make up back stories to entertain yourself. 3. Remind yourself how much better than living on rice and water this is, and that you’re getting material for your best seller while simultaneously taking time off of purgatory.

    Glad to see you back, inconclusive or not!

    Les Says: ROTFL!! I have “guilt” when I “mess with people”, and I’m unsure if I could do it subtly, to tell the truth. I have a bit of a block when it comes to “subtle”.

    People Watching, now, is my main hobby – and is probably why I have been a writing hack since the age of about 7. Working that up to Professional Writer has been my problem.

    I LIKE rice and water! If I could continue to get by with my “unemployed” status as well as I have been, I would not be trying to get a J.O.B. to begin with, but, unfortunately, my reserves are pretty much tapped (and I want my vehicle), so… keep those fingers crossed!

    As for the serious blogging owed… I agree. I’d guarantee a time and day for my next post, except that every time I do that, something comes along to screw it up. Maybe you’d better cross your toes, too…. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hey Les, good to see you back, I was going to send you an e-mail today if you were still “disappeared” and now I see you’ve posted twice since I last checked.

    I’ll take “inconclusive” any day, it beats the hell out of “this doesn’t look good.”

    Good luck with the new job. Oh yeah, you got it already. Cool.

    Love the story about your dad, I could see the whole thing as I read it.

    Take care and once again, welcome back. πŸ™‚

    Les Says: Aw, thanks OldGuy! It’s good to BE “back”, lemme tell ya – it’s not NORMAL out there with the Real People!

    I have yet to get over to the Treehouse and visit, but will try to be there sooner and soonest. I miss you!

  8. Glad to see you’re posting again, I’ve read from the story about your dad and the lil gurl but I wanted to post my comment here to tell you thank you for the nice thoughts, I really appreciate your kindness (Hugs) and I wish you all the best and luck with your new beginning.

    Les Says: Thanks, Lex – I know from experience how much good thoughts can help – so I’ll keep sending them out. πŸ™‚

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