Pink Fantasy…

Image: Pink Fantasy
Pink Fantasy
Taken February 22, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

I’m right impressed with myself over this picture. I seriously doubt I’ll get another shot even half this good for the rest of the year. I kind of hope I don’t – I’m really proud of this one. I want to blow it up to about garage-door-sized and hang it on my wall.

The inside of my head feels a lot like this pic – kind of dreamy… gauzy… lazy…

I’ve been busy, mind you….

…picking away at a website I’m building for a charitable organization here in town…

…picking away at painting my little apartment – we’ve decided not to move, after all. We’re finally getting this place “prettified” the way we like it, and the thought of hauling all the stuff down the stairs…. Blech. It’s still small, even though we’ve gotten rid of 60% of its contents, but it suits us, and the larger (huger) place comes with a big jump in rent.

The more we thought about moving, the more we realized that the only good thing about moving was that it was just downstairs (no way am I giving up my landlady!), so packing would be… well… it wouldn’t be, would it?

I’m still waiting to actually get on the schedule at the new J.O.B…. they insist that I’m hired. Every time I call… “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmm…. probably…. some time…. uuuuuhhhhhhmmmmm…. next week….? Maybe….?” They tell me this once a week. I should have applied to work in HR instead of sales… I think they need the help.

So, in the meantime…

…I drink a lot of coffee, and work a lot of crosswords, and watch a lot of movies (and ball games… and hockey games…) with Ruby.

…I continue to scan the J.O.B. boards and newspaper ads, in the undying hope that something not involving sales, customer service or telemarketing jumps out at me.

…I Walk-About to my parents’, drink rum, and listen to a new story once a week. Yes, I’m writing them down – heck I might even get around to posting them…

…I swear over the apparently uninstallable software that will allow the coolest Ruby post ever posted to be posted… finally. I hope. Gulp…*

…I dance with The Turkey – who, by the way, has just finished the second edit of her first novel. At 13. Yup. I feel a little useless when she’s in the room. She’s also re-dyed her hair purple, and has taken to stealing the pre-stolen “Grampa-shirts” out of my closet (I stole them first, but there’s never one to wear when I want one), and wearing them with neckties. I’d post pics, but the kid doesn’t stay home long enough to catch more than her shirt-tail in the view-finder…

…I drive around with The Fly-Girl in the Soon-to-be-Mine Minivan (I think I’ll name it The FlyMobile, whad’ya think?), singing old rock tunes from when we were young and thought we’d be 16 for-freaking-ever.

…and I spend a lot of time staring at this picture… and drifting off… somewhere…

Random Song-for-the-Day: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – Elton John

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14 Replies to “Pink Fantasy…”

  1. Yes! The FlyMobile — that’s a must have name, betch!

    Les Says: Agreed. BTW – we “jumped The Ditch” into Michigan on Sunday for a night of debauchery. If you didn’t sell beer in your corner stores, shetbag, I’d have made it to Detroit.

  2. Well, aren’t you just the little professional! That and those others (over there) are simply beautiful…sure surpasses my little Nikon pocket jobs!

    I want an SLR so bad I can taste it’s plastic, but it just don’t fit my lifestyle. Like today, I was sitting in the dentist chair clicking away…couldn’t do that with an SLR and hide it from everyone!

    Hmmm, I may post some of those later.

    See you lady…maybe in that car-hair bath tub! Now that might cure me!

    Les Says: I would do a lot for an SLR, myself, if I didn’t think I’d chuck it in the river in frustration – it takes too long for me to “make friends” with new toys, anymore… Sigh…*

  3. Your life doesn’t sound too bad right now, Les. And your picture is lovely!

    Les Says: Thanks, Denise! And you’re right, life’s pretty darn good right now, to tell the truth – with a lot of grand plans to look forward to, as well, so the only complaints you’ll hear from me are those sardonic ones that “read well” on a blog…. 😉

  4. If I had a minivan I would try to make it look like the van from the A-team. Just saying…the A Team was cool. And on the J.O.B. I had that happen once. I won’t tell you the ending of my story.
    The picture is beautiful. If you do get more like this one you could always sell them as prints, blank cards, or a Les calender and then you could screw the J.O.B.

    Les Says: Well, thanks, Aimee – that’s a great idea (about the picture – NOT the minivan!)! When shall I expect your order? 😀

    As for the J.O.B. – believe or not (I’m not sure *I* do), they called this afternoon… for better or for worse, I start on Tuesday.

  5. We must own five digital cameras but NEVER have we gotten a picture that beautiful 🙂

    Les Says: Wow! What a nice compliment – thanks, Theresa! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft – hope you come back and visit again soon.

  6. That’s a gorgeous pic Les, I can see how you could get lost in it. So the kid’s a writer too eh ? Well, at least she comes by it honestly.

    Les Says: Yeah, but does she have to be so freaking prolific while I’m being so freaking lazy?!

  7. wow!beautiful pic, I wish i could take beautiful photo like. I wonder if i could take a beauty like that using my sony digital.

    Hello again, les! it’s been a while since i last dropped by! 😀

    Les Says: I don’t see why you couldn’t, Maline – heck, almost all of my good shots are accidental. 🙂

    PS – Nice to see you again, as always…

  8. That is such a beautiful pic and I like especially how you’ve framed it. Isn’t it amazing how the eye of the camera can see what we can’t? A whole other way of seeing opens up…

    Les Says: That’s amazing you would say that, MotherPie… I’ve been trying to find a way to put those same words into a short, yet profound sentence and market the pic as Aimee has suggested, in cards and/or posters. Not sure if I’ll manage to make any money, but the idea tickles me.

  9. What a lovely photograph indeed! Hmmm I’m sure things will be better in the days to come esp with the JOB part. Just enjoy your free days.
    Hmmm FlyMobile… yeah thats better that fly girl 😛

    Les Says: LOL! “The Fly-Girl” is the nickname of the current owner of the van – “The Fly-Mobile” will be the van’s name…

    And the J.O.B. is… well it IS, anyway. 😉

  10. Seriously, Les, that is a stunning photo.

    Been AWOL because I started a new job …..

    Les Says: Thank you so much, David – that’s a big compliment when it comes from you!

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear about the new job…

  11. The FlyMobile… Nice, I drive my church’s van and call that The Mystery Van. Kinda lame since I swiped the title from Scooby Doo . . . and I don’t even like Scooby Doo.

    Cleaning my room is a big deal, haven’t moved house in about 10 years… can imagine it being a greater ordeal!

    Les Says: The only “moving” around here has been a huge outpouring of old furniture and junk that I once thought I couldn’t live without. I’m slowly replacing essentials with stuff that finally feels like me, and I’m much happier for it, I think.

    But to actually MOVE? I don’t think I have that kind of strength! 😉

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