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That’ll Teach You to Play Rough…

Cartoon: Inanimate Objectivity - Potatoes

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OMG naked potatoes, right here… and on a coffee mug! And they’re all sporting stylish footwear — apron and heels, very spudly! Love love love it.

Les Says: They’re not NAKED! They have their skins on! Sheesh, whad’ya take me for?!

Damn, I thought I was observant and I missed the high heels! I did see the apron though!

How awesome are you? Blogger, writer, photographer, cartoonist. Where does the creativity end?

Les Says: I don’t know, really… I still have a lot of stuff on my List of Things to Try. I’ll let you know if it bottoms out. ๐Ÿ˜€

please tell me nobody REALLY lost an eye!

Les Says: What, those don’t grow back?!

Worry not… they’re potatoes. They’ve got more eyes than you can shake a stick at – ๐Ÿ˜€

(No, Denise. Nobody lost an eye. We’re all good, here.)

(No need to publish this comment unless you just want to — I wanted to send you an email and didn’t see a link on your site.)

I created a fairytale writing meme — it’s a cool way to share the link love about your favorite blogs, and it’s always fun to write a fairy tale: And here’s the fairytale that *I* wrote, which includes the names of some of the many blogs I read faithfully: YOUR BLOG IS IN THE STORY.

Will you help spread the word about this meme? It’s housed at my fiction-writing blog, I’d love to see writers have some fun with this.

Thanks, and best regards,

Carolyn Bahm

Les Says: Of course I’m going to let the comment through, Carolyn… although there is a link in the upper right sidebar to email me [I’ve gotta clean up the junk around here I think ๐Ÿ™‚ ].

I love the idea of your fairytale and I’m honoured that you would include my blog! Thank you for such a compliment. Hopefully, my readers will click over from here, but I’ll try to include the meme in my next post, as well.

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