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Too brain-tired to do anything but click the pics…. click the pics…. click the pics…. (The original widget has gone where all widgets go to die – you’ll have to amuse yourself popping bubbles now, sorry… the fullscreen option is HERE.)

Random Song for the Day: “Cowgirl” – Underworld

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No way, man! It says that if I had the choice between the having the ability to fly, and invisibility, that I’d choose invisibility. I would definitely fly. Of course, I could fly so far away that it would be sort of like being invisible.

Les Says: It said I would fly, which is true. I’m already invisible, dammit.

I got NOTHING done last night. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click. Argh.

This is my message:

If given the chance to enroll as a pirate or a ninja assassin, you’d choose to be a ninja

Yes, that is correct. I’d choose to be a ninja any day of the week! Compared to a pirate, you know.

Les Says: See, I got the opposite. Very true for me. Maybe you could be a ninja pirate? That way we could still hang and grab a coffee between brawls.

It chose flying for me, that’s a yes, but it also chose ninja, which I don’t even like the wardrobe for. Give me a parrot and an eyepatch as accessories, any day. This has effectively flown several minutes off my work day. Yay.

Les Says: Glad I could help. 😀

OMG I can’t stop!!!!!

Les Says: I’m sorry… really, I am. 🙁 I’ll have to put a new post up ASAP… I can’t live with the guilt (nor my own addiction) much longer.

God damn the pusher man. Les, You are not playing fair with that evil widget!

Les Says: LOL! Sorry, Denise… I’ll get something else up soon (my own stuff isn’t near as addictive, is it?).

So tell me something I don’t know – of COURSE I ‘m a pirate, Ninja asassin doesn’t pay near as well – jeeze, duh??

Hey there hon – how’s it going? Wish you could have been here – I’d a made you go with me on ALL of them scary rides at the fun fair. We would have left all those bikers standing (giggle)..

Next year, huh?

Les Says: Oh, I hope so… I keep making the plans, and they keep on caving in on me. One of these years it has to stick, though, right?

If I had my choice, I’d get books in the mail! It arrived in one piece Les and signed by the author no less! I’ll let Cardiogirl know as well and set myself to reading it. Thanks!

Les Says: Hey, when we say “Autographed Copy”, we mean it! 😀

Glad you received it, Dale – I know you’ll enjoy it.

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