…Of Wheels and Walk-Abouts

Faeries in the Flowers
Faeries in the Flowers
Taken August 9, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

So, the Mini-Van Saga is finally over…. and it turned out to be a trilogy, at that. I was originally going to be leasing The Fly-Mobile, so-named because it was The Fly-Girl’s ride, and she wanted to get rid of it.

I liked that mini-van. Turns out, the Fly-Girl did, too, and decided to keep it after all, even though she had to pay a bzillion dollars to get it registered in the U.S. after she got married and jumped The Ditch (Traitor!).

I got over it, though, when Fluffy (so-named by Kyla, because he’s, well, fluffy – 🙂 ), the Fly-Girl’s partner-in-car-sharking, found me another mini-van just like the Fly-Mobile, except fully powered and, um… purple. Which prompted Ky to name it The Grape-Mobile. And that prompted me to like it. I like pretty much anything provided it has a cool, freaky, and/or plain ol’ weird moniker.

And then the Grape-Mobile kakked on the operating table during the certification. And I do mean kakked. It barfed out every kind of fluid running through its veins, through all orifices, including new and bewildering orifices that no vehicle should have. So Fluffy shot it. Ky was pissed.

But, Fluffy turns out to be a Genie of sorts, and magicked us up a pristine (albeit older) one-ownered as-yet-un-named mini-van of the Chevy Lumina APV variety, that positively beamed throughout its certification, and Ky loves him again. The two cases of soda, three bags of potato chips, and two large jars of pickles he soothed her with may have had a part in the forgiveness, mind you.

The Pristine Un-Named was delivered to me Friday evening, whereupon, I immediately drove it the three blocks to Ruby’s house to show off. And I drove it the six-ish blocks to the J.O.B. yesterday, and then had to return to the mall from half-way home, having forgot it in the parking lot when my shift was over. Having wheels will take some getting used to…

Anyway… it was decided last evening, now that we have transportation, that we should pick up Ky’s doggish-type companion from her father’s place and get us to a too-far-to-walk-a-dog hiking trail with the camera. I put on a pair of sneakers for the first time in what feels like forever, and off we went.

During said Walk-About, I took the above photo, and noticed when I uploaded it, that there seemed to be a face peering out at me. This face looks eerily like my daughter, until it’s zoomed-in on, whereupon it just turns creepy.

The zoom-in just looks… Eeeee-Vil

Methinks, Shrinky may have sent a faerie over from the UK. She’s always catching them with her camera. I hope she doesn’t do it again, though, because it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

This afternoon, we will be traveling to Teeny-Tiny Town to visit my Mom, and bring some flowers to the cemetery for my Dad. We will be listening closely for the sound of him rolling over in his grave at the thought of me owning a vehicle. His response to my news, months ago, that I was planning this lease was: “God help the trees on the side of the road.”

Now, that’s a story I should tell some day…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Love” – John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band

14 Replies to “…Of Wheels and Walk-Abouts”

  1. I snorted and giggled all through this telling. I had an old station wagon my friends and I called Bounce because it had no shocks. It used more oil than gas, the backseat window rolled down at will and the glove box frequently popped open. It always took us wherever we wanted to go — until one day it didn’t. That was 29 years ago and I mourn it still.

    Les Says: “…until one day it didn’t.” ROTFL!

  2. Leave me out of this, it’s nothing to do with me, I’ve got plenty enough troubles of me own lass, without my exporting any over to you!!! Eeeeeeeek, she looks just plain MEAN, you’d best not go about upsetting her any, y’hear? She might put a hex on that fine new vehicle of yours.. perish the thought.


    Les Says: Thanks. You’ve cemented the idea of Evility in my head, now.

  3. Look at you gettin’ your ride on! Way to go! And the flower thing is cool, in a really-freaked-me-out kind of way.

    Les Says: It wasn’t so cool when it popped up on the screen – it was creepy. It was like all those freaks I laugh at who go on tv with their ghost pictures and swear there wasn’t anything there when they snapped the pic. And I took the camera to Ruby’s and she saw it too and said she might not sleep the night. And her son swore I must have photoshopped it.


  4. She has wheels! She has wheels! ::::wild jumping about:::: You and Ky and Prissy need to point South. Ooh, and the flower thing is just plain freaky.

    Les Says: She named the mini-van! She named the mini-van! ::::Les does the Happy Dance with Ky:::: You’ve saved us yet another argument, thank you! Ky says she loves you (she couldn’t come up with anything for this one).

  5. Okay that is a very interesting shot you have captured there with the camera.
    I loved the sagas of the vehicles, but glad you have one and are enjoying it. Do tell the story of the trees upon the side of the road. Me, I have a talent for tapping light poles at the grocery or work, thus leaving nice yellow streaks on the bumper.

    Les Says: So far, the only marks on “Prissy” are the greasy fingerprints on the doors from the dirty mechanic who did the certification… she came out much dirtier than when she went in. I’m trying to convince Ky that she must be the one to bathe the baby. No luck, so far…

    And the Tree Story will come soon, I think…

  6. Too bad it wasn’t Jesus…you could have sold it for a fortune!

    Les Says: You know, Jesus never crossed my mind… could it be Jesus’ Evil Twin? Would that be the Anti-Christ? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the place he decided to show himself, y’know.

  7. I think the evil looking face is there to put a hex on anyone who would hurt you, Ky or Prissy. It is your protector!

    Les Says: Nice thought, Denise – thank you. I don’t believe you, but thank you, anyway. 🙂

  8. I’m glad you finally got a good car! And it’s probably better that it’s not grape color.
    Also, that face is creepy!

    Les Says: The new one is white… and grease-coloured. And the face still gives me the heebie-jeebies. I think I may take a break from flower photos for a while.

  9. Hey Les

    So now that you have wheels a road trip is in oder is it not ? 😉

    And yeah, the flower is creepy but don’t let it scare you off flowers. I’ve seen some pretty nice ones lately !

    Les Says: Yes, plans are in the works for road trips – most definitely. Shall we get arrested together, OldGuy? 🙂

    And thanks again for sharing your photos with me – you are a fabulous photographer. I’m SO jealous of your bugs (I almost said “buggery”, but thought better of it).

  10. I love this story. My favorite part is how you get a van, and one of the first things you do is drive it somewhere you can GO FOR A WALK. You make me laugh, until I look at that creepazoidal flower, and then I just shiver and slink away.

    Les Says: I know… we drove for a walk again yesterday and I was afraid to look too closely.

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