When Does the Fat Lady Sing?!

DO draw up a floor plan for the new space before determining any furniture choices. Your favourite sofa may look like it fits in your new home — make sure it does! As well as assessing your furniture for room arrangements, measure large, wide pieces like sofas to see if they’ll fit through the front door, and keep in mind any stairs or elevators to be negotiated.

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Guess who hadda buy a new F-ing couch…?

You got that right.

And the new one didn’t want to go down the stairs, either. Fluffy-the-Car-Shark was in charge of that particular escapade while I was at work, thank God, or I would’ve just sat in the parking lot and cried.

Fluffy is not a crier. Fluffy is a Take Charge Kinda Guy. He stood between the building and the moving van with his arms crossed and wouldn’t let the delivery guys leave until they got the new and smaller hide-a-bed in the door, down the stairs and set up.

Then he made them clean the drywall dust off the sides of it, where they had scraaaaaaaaaped it down the stairwell. I now have a beddish kind of thing to sleep in, and although smaller, it’s a lot more comfortable than the concrete couch/bed that I bought at the J.O.B. And it goes nicely with the chair and ottoman that matched the original.

None of the above are completely paid for, but Fluffy got the New Couch People to store the Old New Couch until it can be sold. He also talked them into delivering the New New Couch at no charge and with no money down. I will have to pay somebody eventually, I suppose…

I still haven’t got the dregs out of the old apartment, or cleaned it. I’ll have to do that on Monday (I snagged an extra day because of the Some Kind of Canuckian Holiday Weekend that happens at the end of every August), because tomorrow after work, I will be accompanying Fluffy and four teenaged girls to a foreign country to witness the sacred insanity that the Fly-Girl has committed herself to.

And to drink.

We will be returning some time on Sunday evening, and with luck, maybe I’ll be able to get the last of the crap to the charity drop-off and clean the old place then. That way I could go hiking or beaching with The Oogily Bay Girls on Monday.

Or hell, maybe I’ll just hand them the car keys and sit in the sauna all day…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Superman Can’t Walk” – Good Charlotte

12 Replies to “When Does the Fat Lady Sing?!”

  1. Is it wrong to covet your sauna?

    Boy I need a Fluffy in my life. I would have cried and accepted it up the @ss, no lube.

    As usual.

    Les Says: Fluffy gets things done, I must say that.

  2. The Fat Lady never sings while the buffet is still open, just saying.

    Les Says: …and speaking of buffets… I returned home from the Grande Wedding Reception and brought half their buffet with me. I won’t need to shop for another week, now. πŸ˜€

  3. Well, that could have ended up much worse! I was picturing your brand new couch out on the sidewalk, waiting for somebody to steal it so you wouldn’t have to pay to have it hauled away. This is good!

    Les Says: It DID end up outside overnight, under a tarp in the parking area. Thankfully it didn’t have to sit out there longer than that… And the new one is REALLY nice. πŸ™‚

  4. Fluffy sounds like he needs to be cloned.
    And sent to Oz πŸ˜‰

    Les Says: I keep trying to get him to walk into The Machine, but he won’t go…

  5. honey, you deserve a week in the sauna, at least. maybe two.

    bring fluffy in case you get bored in there. *snicker*


    Les Says: Weeeeeel…. Fluffy’s not exactly that kind of “friend”. Ahem…*

    I did finally get a sauna last night, though. It was worth the wait. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey, I forgot to mention amidst all the talk of the sauna, that you have been named a Kick Ass blogger. Yeah, it’s true!

    Come on over to my pad to pick up your award. It’ll look great. Right next to the sauna.

    Les Says: Wow! Thanks, Betch! I shall proudly display my Kick-Assery.

  7. where can I buy a fluffy??

    Sweetie, hope this sauna comes with a masseuse and a crate of beer, you’ve earned it, girl! Have fun, relax, and max out the credit card (don’t forget to come back) x.

    Les Says: I couldn’t say… I inherited him, so to speak, from The Fly-Girl.

    Alas, no masseuse NOR crate of beer to be seen. I do have a bit of a get-together this eve with a 6’4 cook – which may mean a chance at a beer, as well as a decent meal. I may have to request a massage after this last day of moving/cleaning, though I’m not certain I’ll get one… πŸ˜‰

  8. So…how is the unpacking coming? And the quest for massage and beer?

    Les Says: The unpacking is finished – although I had to rid myself of even more “stuff” that wouldn’t fit. I’m pleased to see it go, despite my pack-rattedness.

    The massage and the beer did not pan out, unfortunately. πŸ™

  9. I used to work at a furniture store, and was always amazed by the number of people who would buy stuff and then come back and shout angrily about how the stuff didn’t fit in their rooms, like it was our fault. Nine times out of ten, these were people who bought stuff from the clearance section, where there were no refunds.

    Then there were those who were pissed that whatever they bought wouldn’t fit in through their front door. They always acted like the delivery guys were incompetent.

    Les Says: Well, this one was definitely my fault. Hoping it would fit didn’t help in this case, but I kind of figured I could deal with it *if* I had to. Turns out, Fluffy dealt for me. Thankfully.

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