The What’th of September…

Waste Not, Want NotTaken September 22, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550
Waste Not, Want Not
Taken September 22, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

Ruby needed to know the date the other day, and that’s how she asked it: “This is the what’th of September…?” It struck me as a good title for a blog post because it’s felt like the “what’th of September” for pretty much the entire month.

The photo is fairly symbolic for my September, as well. September has been a waste: blog-wise, writing-wise, and life-wise. I’ve done nothing of note this month, and nothing productive, unless you count cleaning the bathroom.

I don’t count cleaning the bathroom as productive unless it’s been an horrific mess and takes a while to clean, and that hasn’t been the case in some time. And if this new-for-me bathroom were to get itself into the state of “horrific mess”, it would still only take 10 minutes to clean it – I’ve seen bigger broom closets.

I’ve spent most of my September taking stock of things. One would think that would be productive, but it’s turned into a waste of my time. I’m becoming more aware of “time” lately, since I overheard somebody say to somebody else, “Time is money….”, and the somebody else replied, “No. Time is life.”

Scared me a little bit.

I spent very little time during August purging enough stuff to allow me to fit myself and my child into this wee small space. I expected to agonize over what to keep and what to toss, and I was surprised how easy it was to just get rid of it all – shred it, trash it, give it away. Everything I owned held some meaning for me at one point and every previous attempt over the last 25 years to unclutter my living space has always been impossible when it came to memorabilia: photos, letters, stupid little bits of things that would mean nothing to anyone else, but meant everything to me.

Nostalgia is a weird thing. This time, when I started to cull the junk, everything I picked up could have been someone else’s memory. It didn’t mean much of anything anymore.

Now, it’s time to cull the things I’m wasting my time with and start getting productive. I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I’m not so sure.

[[[… time passes…]]]

How weird is this?! I’m in the middle of this post when I get a phone call from a friend asking me what I’m doing about “this writing thing you’re into”. 26 minutes of Kick-My-Ass has convinced me somewhat that I should continue the dream.

Except, I think it’s time to quit dreaming and start doing. I’ve already wasted too much of my time.

Time is Life, after all…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Doctor Who Theme” – Orbital

7 Replies to “The What’th of September…”

  1. Ruby speaks my language…I was raised on those kind of short-cut words!

    I’ve been wasting too…getting lazier than a summer dog and barely care. Oh, I think about it and wiggle my feet some, but that’s about it. Of course my butt showing the result of all this slothfulness too!

    Les Says: I’ve managed the ‘thinking’ part. Sigh…*

  2. Hey! You just started! You writed!

    I envy your August purge. There is truly freedom in letting go of stuff. It’s liberating. I know this, and I do mini-purges, but it would feel so good to reeeallly get rid of stuff. Whee!

    Les Says: I didn’t find it so much a “Whee!” feeling as, oddly, a feeling like I was cleaning out someone else’s closet. I think it bothered me that it didn’t bother me, if that makes any sense at all…

    Hey! You’re right! I writed! 😀

  3. Hey woman! It sounds like you were able to do physically what I would like to do mentally. Step away from the stuff and see it for what it is, rather than what I thought it meant — which are really two different things, in my case.

    Good luck getting jump started. Sometimes that’s the hardest part and once you get going you wonder why you waited so long.

    Pick up the pen! (in a manner of speaking).

    Les Says: You sound just like my dad, Cardiogirl – “If you want to do it, do it.” He was right, of course, and so are you. Right now, it’s kind of like, “Do I use the blue pen, or the red pen, or the green pen?” I seem to be making up my own problems as I go along.

  4. Loves me the Doctor Who theme…loves me David Tennant as Doctor Who, now that you mention it lol.
    Procrastination is good for the soul at times, it’s our brains way of saying “sit down, have a cuppa and turn to jelly for a few months to recharge the batteries”.
    Well, that’s what my brain says to me lol 😉

    Les Says: I’ve been “procrastinating it” for far too long, I’m afraid. Now I have no idea how to actually begin DOING anything.

  5. Aw hon, it’s so hard to keep running on empty all the time, we all do it, and it achieves little in the end. Sometimes we owe it to ourselves to simply let go and catch up with our mind. I read the frustration in your words, and completely understand where you are coming from. So much you want to do, achieve, it gets overwhelming just knowing where to start, huh?

    Doesn’t help with all the constant day-to-day interruptions that get in the way – like earning a living, tending to the off-spring, cleaning and food shopping. The day is so easily swallowed up before it’s begun. I make a thousand excuses not to do what I WANT to do. Difference is, I know it’s a cycle, and it’ll pass. You’ll find your creative mode soon enough, you’ve already started.. just you wait and see. Big hugs bonny lass, go for the red pen, it’s a kick-ass colour!

    Les Says: Red it is. Thank you.

  6. I find that type of purging to be a good first step to making time and space for oneself, Les. You are on the right road.

    Les Says: Thanks, Denise – I believe that, too. Now, to avoid the bumps! 😉

  7. Hey, cleaning the bathroom counts. And writing is not a linear process. It ebbs and flows, you can’t swim against it without winding up with a snootful of theoretical salt water. Pick a pen and go with the flow.

    Les Says: No kidding, writing is not linear…! Which explains why I have all the half-finished projects on the go. Ruby posts ALONE would be enough to keep me busy for the next year. ARGH!

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