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I Need Advice…

skak.gifI don’t know whom to credit for this fabulousness, but I “stumbled” upon it HERE. Shame I can’t get much of anything else out of the site…

I’ve been busy, busy of late. Writing more – and posting more often, which actually seems to work against me, as far as interaction from my readers, so I may slack off a bit again.

I thought I was “blocked” again, but after much internal examination of the inside-my-head filing cabinets, I think I just have too many projects on the go. So I’m going to ask for a little help, here.

I’ve decided what to tackle next, which is Part V of “The Waitress, the Whiskey, & the Handcuffs.” It’s closest to “done”, and I’ve finally located the half-finished thing and believe I know where it’s going to finish up (provided “Fictional” Ruby’s mother doesn’t go AWOL or change lanes without signaling). It’s time to take that one off the stove – it’s cooked.

My problem is, I want to know what to do after that, and I’m stymied.

Do I get back at the third (and hopefully last) draft of my very first screenplay…? I mean, it’s been waiting around since 2002, and I still think there might some hope for it.

Do I jump all over the second draft of my first finished novella..? That one is only a year old, and although I’m not comfortable with the genre, I think it’s a good story.

Do I hack away at finishing one of the many screenplays I’m in the middle of first drafts of…? And if so, which freaking one?!

….the one about the whack-job bisexual rich girl with the wicked weird life, which takes a left-turn part-way through when the viewer realizes it’s not even about her, but about her ultra-fave girlfriend…?

….or the one about the two brothers who hate each other, only to discover they just don’t know each other, which sounds boring when it’s put that way, but really is an interesting story, especially when one considers the working title, which is “Billy the Jerk”…?

….or the freaky-deaky horrorish one about the ancient witchy broad who can control the weather and turn people into sand when she’s pissed at them…?

….or the fuzzy little romantic comedy, if only because it’d probably take less than a week to write…?


Do I bite a bitter bullet, and delve deep into a once-dear-to-me past project and change the format from a situation comedy into either a novel or a feature-length made-for-tv movie – a project that I’ve been avoiding working on because I’m nervous it will send me down that nasty rabbit-hole of depression I fought so hard to crawl out of a while back…?

A little help from my friends would be much appreciated, guys. What are your thoughts?

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Too Much Love Will Kill You” – Queen

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Well, garsh. From a selfish perspective, I’d say the witchy weather sand lady, but I’d read any and all of them and enjoy them all the same. If you’re thinking about making a real go, why not make it now? Why not go for it and finish The Big Project? No time like the present, right?

Les Says: Point taken. Not to mention, from an “Inside My Own Id” position, I consider it to be the most difficult – and all the advice says to tackle the hardest/worst thing first, right?

Okay, now… assuming The Big Project is ‘the’ project, is it a screen/teleplay, or is it a novel? I’m thinking maybe a novel is my best option, considering I tend to suffer from Writer’s Bloat when I actually get going. 😉

P.S. You DO know that you’ve opened yourself up for “Will you read this and give me your opinion on such and such…” emails, now, right? 😀

Damn Les, I’m so far behind on ALL of your projects that if you just finish ONE of them and ask me to read it from start to finish I’d be happy to oblige!

I’ve started several songs and all I need is the incentive to finish one. I say JUST GO FOR IT! (Build it and they will come. Write it and we will read it!)

I know that didn’t help much, but I tried! xo

Les Says: Oh, trust me, Deni – it helps. You’d best hope I don’t become too prolific, though, or you’ll be too busy reading my stuff to finish your next album (is that not enough incentive to finish those songs?! 😀 )

I vote for the second draft of the first finished novel.

I think editing something that’s already written is mentally easier than staring at a blank page and starting anew. Also, I think if you feel something is finished it might help you work on the rabbit-hole/depressing one.

Les Says: Well, none of these are “new”… as in, all of them are at least “started”. The Rabbit-Hole Project (that is TOO cool a name for it, too) is particularly “done” as far as story-line, although the novel IS “doner”. Doesn’t make it any less depressing to think about, mind you.

Your vote is noted. If you all vote for a different project, I’ma gonna have to get me a Magic 8 Ball, I guess. Sigh…*

Came back, clicked on the first link.


And he can actually paint pretty well with that thing. He seemed pretty comfortable with himself, also. Didn’t he?

And did you notice the name on his hat?

Les Says: You had me SO confused with this comment, Betch. And then I went back to the site myself. All I can say is HO.LY. SHIT.

That’s a new post since I first linked to the place. No need to understand Russian to “get the gist”, so to speak is there?! Had that post been up when I first went there, I may not have linked, but since the damage is now done… ROTFL! … I must now link specifically to the particular post you viewed and share with everybody. 😀

WARNING!! Explicit… ummm… NUDITY. Of the male p- p- p- persuasion. Not to mention ‘penis’. I don’t want anybody coming back on me for this one… after all, it’s not MY penis. If anybody still wants to see why CardioGirl is all agog, click HERE – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


If you don’t go for “The Waitress”, you will end up regretting it! It’s the best thing I’ve read on the web, even out front of Shrinky’s implied childhood rape and murder stories! However, you both need to get cracking on those two novels ASAP.

“The Waitress” is so well written, so full of description and dialogue that it pulls you into the story. You can even smell the urine soaked bed, and whiskey breath as if it’s right in the room where you are reading!

Gal, that one is a winner and is dying to be finished. Please, do it!

Les Says: No worries, Mushy – The Waitress IS what I’m working on now… it’s what to do NEXT I’m so perplexicated about.

Finish The Waitress and THEN the freak horror story… You know you want to..

Les Says: “The Waitress” first, yes. Still gunning for posting that on Sunday. I’m also still REALLY torn as to what to work on after that. Ugh! And NaNoWriMo starts in less than a month! I don’t want to kak on that AGAIN, this year. 😉

I nearly didn’t make it back from that last click – pricasso indeed. I vote with The Waitress, then the Big Project. If you find the slide beginning, take a break with witchy or brothers or bi-girl once removed.

Les Says: “Taking a break” is what got me in this situation. I ended up with a bzillion half-finished/half-started projects. Erk.

So far, the Big SCARY Project is winning, as the thing to attack after The Waitress is finished.

I dig the jumping rope GIF. Where did you get that?

Les Says: Cool, eh? The link is the first at the top of the post. Hope you read Russian…

Thanks for the visit!

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