Sometimes, Wishing is Enough…

“What Lies Behind…”
“What Lies Behind…”

Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

My boss called me today.

Asked me to come in to work to “have a little talk.”

Scared the shit out of me.

I LOVE my job. I want to keep my job. The only thing I don’t like about my job is my seeming inability to negotiate gracefully between day shifts and night shifts, which I’m beginning to despair of ever getting a handle on.

All I can manage to do is sleep. House is a wreck. The Idiot Child must feed herself or go hungry – not to mention, wash her own laundry (as well as mine), and Sheikh the Cat has begun spending his awake hours sitting next to my head, intermittently placing a paw on my face and sliming kissing me, wondering why my eyes are always closed.

This despair of accommodating the fluctuating schedule got me wishing for a work routine that I’ve only experienced once, Way Back When, remember that? I wasn’t particularly fond of the “job” part of that job, but the schedule was perfect: it was the same. damned. schedule. every. day. With weekends off, to boot.

My house was clean. The cats were happy. The Idiot Child was still a teenager, but I think she preferred the sameness, as well.

I have been wishing I could approach my boss and appeal for a Same-Damned-Shift. Even if it was the night shift. I dreamed of the conversation being short, sweet and successful.

Me: “Hey, how ’bout I work nights? All the time. Just nights. Cuz nobody else seems to like nights.”

Him: “Yeah, great idea! Thanks! I’ll just go ahead and change the schedule right now! How ’bout I give you more shifts with that? You want more shifts? There’s more money in more shifts. How ’bout I give you more shifts, too?”

There are a bzillion reasons why I couldn’t do that. I mean, I could do that, but he would either laugh, thinking I was joking, or take me seriously and still say no. Several reasons for the “no”:

1) I’m still The New Kid on the Dance Floor. Yes, others have come behind me, but I’m still new enough that I can get away with “I’m New Here” to cover a mistake I’ve made. Much longer, I’d have to use “I’m Old” for an excuse. That’s probably more apt. 😉

2) Nobody has a Same-Damned-Shift schedule. Nobody. Why should *I* get that lucky?

3) It’s obvious to all and sundry that I’m having trouble adapting to the shift changes and if they coddled me (cuz I’m old, maybe?), it could possibly cause a revolt.

So, I’ve been schlepping along, loving the job part of the job and hating the schedule part of the job, wishing for the impossible, and for shit’s sake, my boss calls me today for “a little talk”.

I knew I was fired. I wanted to ask if I was fired, but Boss is not the kind of guy that does that over the phone, I’m pretty sure. I settled for asking, oh so casually (yeah, right) “Sure, what’s up? Something wrong?” the whole while repeating the mantra, “don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad”, which, for the record, has never once worked before. In my experience, if it feels like it might be “bad”, it’s generally much, much worse than “bad”.

So, yeah. I knew I was fired, even when he said, “Oh, no. Nothing to worry about. Just wanna go over something with you.”

Uh oh. What horrible thing have I done? Shit, he read about me finding cocaine on the dance floor! No, wait, I told him that story myself and he laughed really hard. Can’t be that.

Or maybe, I didn’t do something that I should have done? It’s not like I forgot to lock up, or anything (once did that while working for Louie, and nobody even noticed, can you believe that?) – I mean, we’re open 24/7. I’m not even sure there is a set of keys for the place.

Not that it would matter what the “little talk” was about, I still had to have it. So, I pulled on my boots and crossed the street.

And my boss said to me – no word of a lie, here, either, I swear – I’m not even exaggerating in the slightest little bit:

“I’m hoping I can change your schedule. Would you be willing to work straight nights, with weekends off? You’d be guaranteed five shifts that way, (employees who have been there longer, of course normally get more hours, unless they book a shift and hand it to me) and if I need you on the weekends, I’ll call – you’ve never turned down a shift, so you’re the first one I call. Would that work for you?

Well, gee, lemme think on that….

I’m dumbfounded. I agreed immediately, though, and he was all thanking me as if I were doing him a favour. Maybe I am and just don’t realize it, but it’s like he read my mind.

Or my blog….


So, he hands me my newly-minted hours, starting Sunday end, or S/M if you read the little date box on the schedule, and I trotted back home to write this post, and marvel over never having to wonder when I’m working “next week”… and there followed shortly a call requesting me to work an extra shift tomorrow. Already, I’m booked for overtime. I love my job.

Now, I have to clean a cat-box. Maybe then, Sheikh will quit sliming kissing me in the middle of my version of night.

~ Just about to hit the publish button when I get another call from work – this time from the assistant manager: apparently some deer-hunter I was joking around with a week or so ago (told him he should bring me some deer parts, since my dad was gone, and nobody ever brings me deer meat anymore), just dropped off a venison roast for me. Can I please come pick it up, as it’s grossing her out? ~

Well, gee, lemme think on that….

Excuse me while I go pick up Free Dead Wild Animal.

(Did I tell you how much I love my job…?)

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Surf Wax America” – Weezer

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9 Replies to “Sometimes, Wishing is Enough…”

  1. Woohoo! Yay for you. Now TWO of my favorite people are night-dwellers, you and the Vampire Husband. But weekends off!? Hurrah!

    Les Says: I KNOW! How cool is that?! I was worried the rest of the dance team would be pissed with me, but they all seem very grateful that they won’t pull as many night shifts. 😀

  2. Wow! Woohoo! Terrific!!!! I am so glad for you!!!!

    Les Says: Thanks, Denise. Maybe now, I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to get the back-log of stories online… Fingers crossed…

  3. Hooray for regular hours! That will be most pleasant, I’m sure, to get regular sleep again, huh? How nice of that hunter to bring you freshly killed animal flesh, too.

    Les Says: I’ll have to let you know about the “regular” sleeping… the whole thing hasn’t quite kicked in yet, as I’m just starting the regularness of it all.

    And I haven’t seen my hunter yet, but intend to thank him by imitating the Idiot Child’s reaction to eating venison, which she doesn’t remember from toddler-hood. She was thrilled that something seasoned with only pepper could taste quite that exotic, considering her mother cooked it.

  4. That’s some happy news, well except for the venison roast part (well, it’s happy for you and I don’t have to see it so…). Excellent!! Now you have more time for audio blogging too!!

    Les Says: I was thinking that, myself… Maybe that’s what I’ll do in the middle of my nights off – a beer, a deer-burger, and me cackling into a microphone at 4 am: what a life! 😀

  5. By the way, that photo is brilliant!!

    Les Says: Thank you. I’m impressed with myself over that one, as it was an effect I was actually TRYING to produce. Interestingly, shortly after taking that series of “fence ‘n berries” shots, I was accosted by the lady that lived behind the fence, demanding to know what I was up to. I showed her my pics, and she settled right down. 😉

  6. Hey. Hi.

    Yeah, pessimist here.

    My stomach was on the floor as I was positive you were, indeed, correct when you assumed you were fired. I felt my stomach tighten and did the chanting with you “don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad…don’t-let-it-be-bad.”

    Glad it all worked out for you, betch. Now I’m going to take some Pepto-Bismal with an Ativan chaser.

    Oh, right. Congratulations and all that jazz.

    Les Says: LOL! I maybe meant to make you wonder a little with me, but I honestly didn’t mean to make you sick over it, Shetbag… Sorry ’bout that. 😉

    (That’ll teach you to leave the Etherworld for the weekend.)

  7. Loved the happy ending

    wish someone would call and offer me some dead wild animal.

    Les Says: Have you tried dancing in a parking lot…? Worked for me, anyway. 😉

  8. Hi,
    I’m only new to your site and got to read this post. Congratulations! I work the night shift and loving it. Hope your new schedule will work well for you.
    Just curious, what kind of a dancer are you?

    Les Says: Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft, Tashabud!

    So far, so good on the schedule. I begin working for weekends for Louie on Sunday. This ought to make for good blog fodder!

    “Dancer” is a joke about masking what I do at my new job. There are some things I don’t think are wise about posting, and so I try to be careful when I talk about work. Not that I don’t dance in the parking lot at work. 🙂

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