Whew! I Need That “Slow-It-All-Down” Button Again…

Image: Bear With Me
Bear With Me Taken July 7, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

Busy, wow! I’m loving the night shift, but will have to re-learn “day-shift mode” for the weekends until at least after the New Year, beginning this Sunday, when I start working days for Louie. That will only be on the weekends, mind you – I’m not sure yet how I’ll deal with working 7 days a week, let alone 16 hour days, so we’re going to leave that alone.

I still haven’t managed to fit writing into the schedule… believe it or not, I’m looking at an impending move of household coming up. We have the opportunity to move up two floors in the building. We’d be giving up a sauna, but we’d be gaining walls. Ky misses walls.

We would also be gaining a bedroom each. I haven’t had a bedroom of my own since… geez,
Winter of 1993. For about 3 months. My head is full of plans on what to do with it, since I will be starting out with an empty room.

I was offered my new Landlords’ apartment a couple of week’s ago. He lives on the top two floors of the building, and plans on moving out in January. Would I like the place?

Would I?!

The rent is more than my finances can currently bear, however, and I regretfully decline.

He drops the rent. Hmmmmmm….. Probably not as soon as January, I sez.

He gives me the lowdown: The third floor has its own bathroom and bedroom, and a small kitchenette, he tells me. It was once a bachelor apartment, and would be perfect for the Idiot Child and the Oogily Bay Girls to hang out in. Apparently, the New Landlord is perfectly aware that my home is the Clubhouse of Oogily Bay, more often than not: the main hangout of 7 teenagers (Oogily Bay + Ray), and not only has no problem with it, but is using it to pimp out this new apartment to me.

And it’s working.

And *I* would have a bathtub again! Oh. My. God.

What will I do with four walls and a closet of my very own, though…? I’m thinking of turning Japanese as far as decor goes. Ideas?

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “Turning Japanese” – The Vapors

9 Replies to “Whew! I Need That “Slow-It-All-Down” Button Again…”

  1. Still living the good life I see…things you’ll remember and laugh about one day.

    That bear would be shot in America by Homeland Security…looks like a surface to air launcher to me!

    Les Says: Yes, I must say, it IS a very good life. I’m still “broke-ish” from the last move, but it’s all going the right direction now. “Someday?” Nah… we’re laughing as it happens, now.

    That bear is our “tourist bear”. He’s taking video of two other wooden bears who are fishing. Somewhere I have a shot with all of them – I must dig it up. Or come visit me in the Real World, and see them, along with the Trojan Moose, and all the other cool artsy-fartsy stuff we have here.

  2. Bathtubs are a NECESSITY, y’ask me

    Les Says: Agreed. The Idiot Child and I have resorted to using a bucket. It’s a large-ish bucket, but a bucket it is. We laugh every time we say, “I’m going to have a bucket, now….”

    I should take a picture of our bucket, for posterity’s sake. Ky may want to write a nasty “How I Grew Up” biography when she’s famous.

  3. Even though, at the moment, due to my ill-timed fainting spell, they are not an option. *FROWN*

    Les Says: Ouch! I hope you’re alright, Flit!

  4. Hey, can you get your couch back?

    Les Says: Nope. But that’s okay. I like the new and little-ish one better, anyway. The old new one was nicknamed The Concrete Couch for good reason.

  5. bathtubs are not fun to clean, but heaven to immerse yourself in… 🙂

    Les Says: Well, I have to say that once addicted to The Fly-Lady, keeping the tub clean was super fast when I had one… but, yeah. It’s the immersion process that I’m most excited about.

  6. Woohoo a tub! I say a tub is worth two saunas any day! And also the sun and walls are good things.

    Les Says: Walls, I don’t miss, oddly. It’s strange, though, to live in perpetual night.

  7. OMG! No bedroom to call your own for HOW long? Girl, you must be a born again virgin by now!!! Sheesh, no wonder you feel stressed.. even anything battery operated would get overheard. Grab this place with two hands – tell that landlord of yours it’s on your Shrink’s orders.

    Mind, working 7 days a week .. maybe the bathtub will be all you’ll be up to for the forseeable present. Aww, good luck sweetie – sounds like a perfect move. Enjoy. x

    Les Says: It will be a good move… assuming I can get Ruby’s Gigantic Desk up three flights from the basement.

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