Little Bits of Stupid Movie Mentions Video...

Just for the Laugh…

Saving Grace. My New Favourite Movie. This bit is the funniest movie scene I’ve ever played over and over and over again… which I continue to do. Gotta love Craig Ferguson!

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “Little Green Bag” – George Baker Selection

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Judy and I watch Craig almost every night…love his show.

Love the clip…can almost taste it!

Les Says: I’m not “tasting” it, per se, but I swear I smell it everywhere, now!

I watched it for Craig.

He’s Scottish, ya know?

Why was I holding my breath every time they inhaled?? 😉

Les Says: I KNOW!! I can’t watch him anymore, now that I’m on nights. One sucky change.

You have a great blog! I wanted to pass on the butterfly cool blog award to you.
Rules are simple..if you accept the award, post a link to my blog along with (some have been choosing 10, I chose 8)your choices of blogs that you admire.

Les Says: Well, thank you so much, Deborah! You’ve made my whole weekend!

Thank you for not bogarting that clip. Now I am overwhelmed with nostalgia and if I didn’t have a nosy nine-year-old to Just Say No for, who knows what trouble I’d get into??

Les Says: Ooh, we would have got ourselves into some SERIOUS trouble, had we gone to the same high school, Elle….

That is a fabulous movie, one of my faves! Brings it all back to me, the giggles, and the munchies! Um, not that I ever – er, um. I’ll quit digging the hole..

Les Says: Yes, there are those of us that spend years trying to fill that hole back in… 😀

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