Just for the Laugh…

Saving Grace. My New Favourite Movie. This bit is the funniest movie scene I’ve ever played over and over and over again… which I continue to do. Gotta love Craig Ferguson!

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “Little Green Bag” – George Baker Selection

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6 Replies to “Just for the Laugh…”

  1. Judy and I watch Craig almost every night…love his show.

    Love the clip…can almost taste it!

    Les Says: I’m not “tasting” it, per se, but I swear I smell it everywhere, now!

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  3. I watched it for Craig.

    He’s Scottish, ya know?

    Why was I holding my breath every time they inhaled?? 😉

    Les Says: I KNOW!! I can’t watch him anymore, now that I’m on nights. One sucky change.

  4. You have a great blog! I wanted to pass on the butterfly cool blog award to you.
    Rules are simple..if you accept the award, post a link to my blog along with (some have been choosing 10, I chose 8)your choices of blogs that you admire.

    Les Says: Well, thank you so much, Deborah! You’ve made my whole weekend!

  5. Thank you for not bogarting that clip. Now I am overwhelmed with nostalgia and if I didn’t have a nosy nine-year-old to Just Say No for, who knows what trouble I’d get into??

    Les Says: Ooh, we would have got ourselves into some SERIOUS trouble, had we gone to the same high school, Elle….

  6. That is a fabulous movie, one of my faves! Brings it all back to me, the giggles, and the munchies! Um, not that I ever – er, um. I’ll quit digging the hole..

    Les Says: Yes, there are those of us that spend years trying to fill that hole back in… 😀

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