Happy Ho-Ho to All!

Image: happy Ho-Ho!
Happy Ho-Ho!

A Very Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate from Les and Her Idiot Child.

(photo courtesy of “J.W.” – The Groovy-Coolest Boss-Lady Ever, who throws incredibly incredible Christmas parties, along with her hubby, Groovy-Coolest Boss-Man, who shall be known here as “Walter”.
He knows why.)

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Christmas is Coming the Goose is Getting Fat” – The Manhattan Transfer

7 Replies to “Happy Ho-Ho to All!”

  1. What a wonderful gift you have offered this Christmas morning…a look at your beautiful unscrambled face! What a smile! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    BTW…Idiot Child is very pretty too!

    Les Says: Why, thank you, Mushy – and I wasn’t even drunk! And (as far as I know, anyway) neither was she…

  2. Hey les, you look positively radiant girl! And as for that beautiful daughter of yours – oh boy, are you gonna’ be kept on your toes keeping all the lads at bay! Hope you’re having a fab time of it – I’ll raise a glass to you come the New Year.. smile.

    Les Says: Raise two glasses, if you don’t mind, would you…? I’ve already got both hands full keeping those boys off her. Gawd.

  3. Look how happy and joyful you two are! You skinny betch.

    Les Says: It was a very happy and joyful event – that coming from me, the one who hates people.

    And you just wait ’til March, Shetbag – by then I will have an ass to die for. You’re gonna be SO jealous! 😀

  4. Hey Les. Hope you are having an amazing weekend! You look absolutely GORGEOUS in that pic, and your daughter is quite the looker, too! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted, and I REALLY hope this next year is THE BEST EVER! Much love and all that.

    Les Says: Deni, 2009 is already MY Year – and it hasn’t even begun yet. I won’t be in Times Square for the Ball Drop – not THIS January, anyway – but a visit to NYC to see you play will most definitely be do-able instead of just a “faint hope” like in 2008.

  5. Merry Christmas, Les! You and The Child (I can’t call her idiot! I can’t!) look absolutely mahvelous. Hope you’re having as much fun as it looks like!

    Les Says: We DO look mahvelous, don’t we? My “mahvelous” is mostly spackled on, mind you… and yes, we had more fun than you can shake a stick at – and many sticks were shaken that night; by us AND at us. We won prizes for our stick-shaky-ness, we did.

  6. Aha! Finally the definitive meaning of “with bells on.” You and Ky look like you should be on top of a Christmas tree — holiday radiance. Glad the evening was worthy of the shine!

    Les Says: LOL! They’re berries, actually – bells would have been better, now I think of it. I’ll have to see what I can do for next year. We WERE very shiny, though…

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