I Think I’m Awake, Now…

Image: Hiding...
© Kyla Becker
Taken March 14, 2009 with Canon PowerShot A550

Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been “hiding”, so much, as that I’ve been “doing”. Maybe, it’s been more like hibernating. I’ve been working and sleeping and getting up long enough to go to work and not much of anything else since the New Year rolled in.

Spring is finally here (maybe). It’s time to wake up.

I am on holiday for the next week. If I hadn’t already booked it a couple of months back, I would have done so anyway. I’m burnt out. And slept out.

I booked the week off to go visit CardioGirl, ‘member that?



I’ve been throwing money at some of the dreamy little plans I’ve hinted at over the last couple of years… so much so, that I forgot (forgot!) that I might possibly need some cash to get to Detroit.

And back.

And eat while there.

Not to mention sleep somewhere other than in the Prissy-Van, ‘cuz, you know, who can afford to get up every two hours and feed a parking meter?

All of this is supposed to happen sometime this week (This. Week.).

I’m a-skeered to call the betch, for fear she’ll just tell me to shove it.



Random Song-for-the-Day: “Carbon Monoxide” – Regina Spektor

5 Replies to “I Think I’m Awake, Now…”

  1. Um betch? You were on my list of things to do *today* as in:

    Wash white load for school today

    Go to the Y

    Write my post

    Send that Canukian shet bag an email to find out if she’s dead or alive.

    Glad to hear you’re alive and the weather has been nice here — low to mid-60s. Try it, you’ll like it. And I am still holding Ky’s That 70s Show DVD hostage. I’m going to start taking pictures of it with a blindfold on the top in front of local hang outs.

    Les Says: I shall have to pack the rest of them up to take with us, assuming we can pull a rabbit out of a hat (can I borrow a hat, shetbag?!). We can eat chocolate and watch dvd’s ’til it’s time for me to come home again.

  2. p.s. Good thing I’m quite timely in my catchin’ up with my real-life friends, thing eh? See, we’re perfect for each other 🙂

    And maybe that’s why I don’t have many real life friends (scratches head as she ponders that thought.)

    Les Says: See, if you and Mr. C would just sponsor me into the States, I could move in across the street and we could wave at each other as we get into our respective mini-vans. Like REAL friends do.

  3. Hey! Why don’t you pick up Cardiogirl, and then the two of you continue on to Minnesota? I have some stuff that needs to be lit on fire or exploded with fireworks. Or both.

    Les Says:
    OOOOOH! How ’bout Easter?! Char-broiled bunny… Mmmmmmm!

    Seriously, Suzi, you’re next on my list.

  4. Okay, you guys need to come down here — you, CG, Suzi and all the stuff Suzi needs exploded. We’ll video the whole thing for a new FOX series, Bloggers Gone Wild. No, seriously.

    Les Says: I was saying exactly that to everybody at work last night, right down to selling the video to some reality tv show.

    For some reason, though, they all seem to feel (loudly) that just because ONE Internet Bad-Ass did not kidnap us, torture us, dissect us, set our body-parts on fire, and then boil the leftovers in a large vat of acid, that it doesn’t mean the rest of you won’t.

    I had been thinking, “Gee, it’s nice to be so loved…” when it occurred to me that they’re probably just upset that nobody can dump a shift when I’m away on holiday…. we’ll know for certain which it is when I attempt to book more travel-time.

  5. If the four of us got together I think the earth might stand still. We’d be like the Four HorseBloggers of the Apocalypse. And I don’t think Off Bug spray is going to keep the locusts away.

    You two HAVE to kibitz with Les. She is one awesome betch! And shet bag? Tomorrow’s post is all about you!

    Les Says: Agreed. It would be like “Thelma & Louise” times 2. Or maybe I mean “times 4…”

    Therefore, we should do this immediately.

    That was a right groovy-cool post, Shetbag, thank you. My own post will have to wait until tomorrow, now, I’m afraid, as I have not slept since you woke me up at the hotel yesterday morning, some 27 or so hours ago, and I have to somehow be awake again in another 4 hours to take Ky to buy new skater-shoes (whatever the hell those might be), but if it means she’ll lay off my Peter-Pan Get-Aways, I’ll haul my ass out of the basement.

    Also, I’m aware that your missing “Mood” Converse is, well, missing. I will email it to you tomorrow. It’ll take me that long to find the missing extra camera batteries, which are very likely tangled up with my missing extra Prissy-Van keys, which are probably under a bed in Grayling, Michigan, now that I think about it…

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