The Girl Can (Still) Sing…

I always thought she could sing. This one, though…. It’s the latest new tune in development by Kyla Becker and her father, known here as The Sire of Turkey.

It was recorded on-the-fly in the kitchen of a near-abandoned house (not mine)… please note the cat interruption (also not mine), followed by the dog interruption.

The l’il ditty is called “I Don’t Have You,” and it’s my new favourite song. What do you think?


5 Replies to “The Girl Can (Still) Sing…”

  1. powerful voice and very cool song. awesome! i, too, come from a musical family… to this day i still sing and play guitars with my dad every chance i get. my little brother took our musical affliction a step further to make a career out of it with his own recording/production studio/label. gotta love talent that runs through the family bloodlines… here’s to her future platinum album!

    Les Says: Thanks, J! I’ll be sure to pass on the compliment. Tell your brother you heard this really great voice on a blog… ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Damn Les, she has a hell of a set of pipes. And no accent when she sings. I did enjoy your quick chat with The Sire of Turkey and when you said ab(oat).

    Also. The cat MUST be in the official video.

    Honestly, that’s an incredible song and performance. Way to go Kyla!

    Les Says: She kinda blew me away with this one – The Sire changed the key they usually work in, and her voice is a lot more powerful than the one I generally hear.

    Now, he wants to change the key on ALL their songs, and she’s freaking out about it.

  3. I was rocking…she can sing…there’s no doubt.

    However, I kept waiting for her to shred some notes on that electric she was holding! Maybe when it’s polished you’ll post again!

    Great…I know you’re proud!

    Les Says: I knew you’d rock out to it, Mushy. Thanks for coming by – if you hadn’t I was going to email you to show off. ๐Ÿ™‚

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