“Money Isn’t Real, George…”

Birds on a Wire
Birds on a Wire
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In the movie, “Blow”, George’s dad tells him that money isn’t real. “It doesn’t matter, Georgie…”

My dad would have disagreed with that one. I sure as hell disagree with that one.

I am about to embark on a legal battle of epic proportions.

Well… Epic for me. The Sire has gone AWOL.

That still doesn’t change the house situation, though.

This should not be affecting me. I have a very legalish sheaf of very legalish-sized paper that says I don’t own that house. If he were to sell it, I could not demand a cent from the sale.

But (Ain’t there just always a “but”?!).

Six years ago, the house was supposed to be refinanced and my name removed from both deed and mortgage. It was not.

Every now and again over the years, I have “reminded” The Sire of his legal obligations. He has always promised to “get right on that”. And then did not.

There are a couple of “should haves” that I “should have” taken care of between now and then…

I should have legally forced him to refinance the place the first time he kakked on doing so.

Better yet, I should have told him to kiss my ass when he asked to keep the house, and forced a sale. I gave him my half of that house. How stupid is that?!

Life got in the way, though, and I have a tendency to take the easy way out.

But now… my name is still on that mortgage.

The mortgage rep. tells me I am legally responsible for half of the mortgage left owing, never mind my legalish sheaf of paper. Yet (and this is insane), in the same breath, the same mortgage rep. tells me I don’t have a legal right to know what’s left owing on the mortgage, because my legalish sheaf of paper gives me no rights to the house.

That particular bright bunny argument, I hope to win with the next phone call. I had that argument with them a while back and won it with a few choice words.

In truth, however, if The Sire really has walked away, the bank will come after me for the whole amount owing. They are not going to piss around going after him, if he pulls a disappearing act, when they already know where *I* am.

I will find him, though…

But this is where it really gets dicey…

I’m really worried about what all of this is doing/going to do to our daughter, which is the biggest of the reasons why I haven’t done what I should have done a long time ago.

But (Again with the “but”! Apparently, I have a but fetish.) I can’t live like this any longer. I have plans, dammit, and those plans do not include bankruptcy over a house that I no longer own, don’t want, and won’t shoulder.

“Money isn’t real.” Let’s find out, finally, shall we?

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Yours Truly Confused” – Ray Davies

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10 Replies to ““Money Isn’t Real, George…””

  1. I’ve returned here belatedly, Les. Is money real? I don’t know, but its buying power is …

    Les Says: Hey, David! Glad to see you!

    I don’t know about “buying power”, never having had enough money to be powerful. But, I do know that negotiating with creditors works far better than running from them. I like to think that the law will come down on my side on this one. We’ll know soon enough, I guess…

  2. Good!!!!
    Get that sorted out and let The Sire cop the whole ugly can of worms from the bank. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders and give you more freedom 😉

    Les Says: Thanks, Jayne. I think I really need to hear that – a lot. I’m starting to feel like the bad guy, and I haven’t even gone after him, yet.

  3. That is bogus and so wrong, I don’t even know where to start.

    Long ago I worked for a mortgage company and I know there is some process to legally remove your name from the house in cases of divorce/separation. I cannot think of what it’s called right now, but it might be worth checking into that.

    Possibly you could get that going and finished before he legally jumps ship which would leave him in the lurch and not you.

    But back to the whole thing. Totally bogus and wrong.

    Les Says: I’m pretty certain there’s no “legal” way for him to jump ship, but I will check that out, all the same. Thanks, Cardiogirl.

  4. Ugh. I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking to a woman who had to track down her deadbeat husband over a 9 year period to get him to pay up. Check Monaco first.

    Les Says: ROTFL! I doubt he’ll go much farther than the corner pub, Dale… I’ve got that much going for me, anyway.

  5. What a story!!!!! My heart goes out to you…what a predicament!!!!! This is so well-written I forget I’m reading….and think I’m sitting across a table from you… Congrats on POTD!

    Les Says: Wow! Thank you for such a lovely compliment, Janine! And, yes, David is very good to me. 🙂

  6. Hello, I’m over from Authorblog. Congratulations on the Post of the Day Award!

    Les Says: Thank you, Debbie! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft… 😀

  7. What a nightmare! My husband calls money “the lubricant of life”, and it certainly is. Get a good lawyer. A very good lawyer.

    Les Says: I think he’s right. And, yes, I am in the process. Thanks for coming by, Elizaabeth.

  8. That’s really bad. But it’s a good post! You got post of the day! I concur with Ms. Bradley, time to lawyer up! Some of your problems could be resolved by one. 🙂 Good luck!

    Les Says: I agree, lawyer-wise. Thanks for the visit, Chris!

  9. Oy. what a pain. It will get better.

    Les Says: It already has – to a degree. I have two offers to take the mortgage over, assuming I can get him to sign the papers.

    Still no offers on the dog, unfortunately. Sigh…*

  10. Jeez. what an asshat. No one has told him there’s no such thing as the defaulter-on-mortgage protection program?! I agree with the lawyer acquisition suggestion. I think Ky will do the right thing. Fingers crossed.

    Les Says: I kind of think that if there WAS such a program, he would not motivate himself enough to sign up…

    And he DID fly the coop. He now resides in a room above the pub. He won’t talk to anyone anymore – Ky included.

    It’s her I’m most worried about now, never mind lawyers, and houses, and dogs.

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