And So It Begins…

Grate One
Grate One
Taken February 16, 2009 with Canon PowerShot A550

Well, this is a weird space I’m in… I feel like I’ve been through a cheese grater, hence the pic above, which is not a cheese grater, but it’s the closest I could come up with, without getting the camera out. Not to mention, finding a cheese grater.

The house that isn’t mine is about to go into foreclosure.

I’m working on “lawyering up”, but it’s a slow go. I’m trying to find one that deals specifically with real estate, but so far, none of those seems to be able to fit me in for months and I’m afraid to do anything without legal advice.

I don’t know yet if I can sell this house without The Sire’s cooperation or not (I’m thinking it’s “not”, though…), but that’s what I’m trying for, right now. I have two interested parties, and a lot of hope.

This would go much faster if my work schedule would cooperate. I’m back on nights again for the next few shifts, and that makes it difficult to be awake during “lawyer’s hours”. Most of my calls end with me waiting to hear back from people with answers to my questions, and there haven’t been many answers so far.

Ky’s depressed about the whole thing – won’t go to school, can’t sleep, barely eats. Not a lot of singing going on in the shower lately…

One way or another, this will all work out. I’ve got my fingers crossed that at I don’t end up bankrupt when it does.

My heart hurts.

Not-So-Random-and-a-Little-Bit-Heartbreaking Song-for-the-Day: “Our House” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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This is what happens when I bug out on blogs for a little while? Holy crap. I just read backward and caught up. The Sire is a real peach, huh? Keep us posted on what happens next, and I’ll not be so absent.

Tell Ky to get OUT of bed, to school, and get back to singing. No amount of lying around is going to solve this problem. Yeah. Easy for me to say. Poor kiddo ๐Ÿ™ Does she have a favorite teacher who might be willing to cajole her into coming to school?

Les Says: No – no favourite teachers, unless you count my sister-out-law, who teaches there, but she’s been trying to get her there all year (this kid has never liked school, anyway).

I start the “lawyering up” anew on Monday. Fingers crossed, I’m still hoping there’s a way out of this, that does not include filing for bankruptcy..

(((hugs))) What a royal mongrel.
How motivated is Kyla in her education? Have you considered home-schooling? At least your sis-in-law could keep an eye on the level of the work she’s doing.
It’s something to discuss anyway.
The house – eek. You need one of those financial advisors who specialise in STD’s – sexually transmitted debt.
Contact the bank, if they’ll discuss anything with you, and get everything in writing from them, don’t accept verbal agreements or anything they say.
Is there any possibility of fixing the house up and renting it out? Or selling it privately without the banks being involved like a long-term repayment scheme?
Could you convince the bank to write off the debt depending on how much is left owing?

Les Says: Thanks, Jayne – I appreciate all the helpful advice.

Ky was homeschooled for a few months in grade 5. She did very well. I had a lot of help with that, and I thought we had the problem solved… but she really missed her friends and social interaction.

I did suggest that again a few weeks ago, but she refused – again, because she would miss seeing kids her age.

All of your “house suggestions” have already been suggested as well. The best case scenario is that the original agreement will win out, and I won’t have to worry at all. I’ll be speaking with a real-estate lawyer about that tomorrow.

If I AM stuck with it, the next step will be to have the courts remove The Sire from the deed if possible, to allow me to sell the place as is, assuming one of my two offers to take over the mortgage actually goes through.

If not, I have people willing to make it livable and retrofit the top floor to rent out. Ky and I would have to move in, of course, which neither of us wants – please keep your fingers crossed for Solution #1. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wish I had something useful to tell you, or had an inside line on the next Powerball, but I don’t. Hope things get better. Staying in bed never really helped me much and I never had any luck with banks either. Hang in there.

Les Says: Things feel a little better now that I’ve got a plan to work with (see my reply above to Jayne’s comment for the skinny…).

Thanks for the support, Descartes. It really means a lot.

It’s not fair that this has to happen to you guys. I know how she feels, I had a similar problems when I was around her age. It’s not easy to be stuck in the middle like that, but I know you guys are strong and will pull through.

Les Says: Thanks, Jay… I keep repeating that mantra of my Mom’s to myself – “It’ll all work out, one way or another.” It helps (for the most part), but not being able to do anything for the poor kid is just killing me.

I’ve pulled her out of school temporarily until I can get her to her doctor and get the sleep issue solved – she’s out of bed, now, but still can’t sleep at night. At. All. The school officials have been more than kind, even not knowing exactly what’s going on.

This will all work out… it’ll all work out… it’ll all work out…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It sounds like Ky is mourning- I say let her. Talk to the school and maybe her doctor about letting her stay home for as long as she needs to. She sounds smart enough to know when she’ll be ready to get going again.

Les Says: You’re psychic, right? See my reply to Jay’s comment above… ๐Ÿ™‚

And thanks, Denise – everybody – for making me feel a lot less alone.

No, I am not psychic, too bad… but I have raised 3 daughters…we are all here (in a strange way) for you, Les

Les Says: No, actually, it’s really not “strange” at all. It’s seems very normal (to me) that my support comes from what my mother calls my “imaginary friends”. I wish there were a way for me to let you all know what that support means to me. I suppose, though, that perhaps you do know, after all… I imagine us all to be of similar ilk, or we wouldn’t keep coming back to each other, would we?

Thanks for always coming back…

I like the idea of being your imaginary friend. I like that a lot.

This is completely effed up, and very sad and depressing.

I hope this funk passes sooner than later.

Les Says: When it’s between laugh or cry, we generally prefer to laugh – or try to, anyway.

It’s been seven years already. I worry, sometimes, that this crap will never end.

I don’t really have any worthy advice but I will say what first came to mind. Jesus Fuck!

Les Says: Yeah, I said that a few times, myself… Maybe if enough of us say it all together, it’ll work like those magic “killing words” in Dune, and the guy that owns it will just decide to pay for his own damned house.

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