Finally! A Non-Sucking Wednesday!

It’s difficult not to smile when Craig Ferguson is in the world…. 😀 Thanks for the heads-up, Mushy!


Incidentally, and anecdotally to boot, this is the song I caught The Evil Hypnotist singing at the top of her lungs down the back lane behind the now condemned house one summer afternoon.

She might have been around…. oh…. four?

And she was wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and a tube-top as a “mini-dress”.

Yeah. Not that innocent, indeed.

2 Replies to “Finally! A Non-Sucking Wednesday!”

  1. Well, you gotta give her credit for keeping interesting, eh? Now if the shoes she was wearing weren’t yours, I’d be a tad worried.

    Les Says: Yes. Sigh…* Life with Ky is most definitely “interesting”.

    “I wish for you an interesting life” is an ancient Chinese curse, you know. I’m pretty sure an ancient Chinese somebody-or-other wished that on me…

  2. Love Craig…just wish he had gotten an earlier gig!

    Good wishes for you always.

    Les Says: I could handle the late hour… the “no cable” makes it difficult to catch him, though…

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