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No Spitting.

No Spitting - photo
“No Spitting”
Taken November 26, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

It’s got to be the most disgusting habit – ever – and it’s the one pet peeve I have about my job. Everybody seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable to just hawk and spit on the pavement (or worse, in a trash can if they’re inside).

When did spitting in public become a socially acceptable behaviour, fer Christ’s sake?! It’s not like these people are all chewing tobacco… although, some are, I think.

Even baseball players don’t spit as much as the people I work with (and some of the customers, as well). In one 5-minute break during my shift last night, the guy I was working with spat on the ground a grand total of EIGHTEEN times, I kid you not. My stomach is still churning.

Even the “ladies” are doing it. My kid was doing it for awhile, until she got sick of listening to me bitch her out, loudly and publicly. When enough strangers stare at you while your mother rakes you over the coals in the mall parking lot for spitting, apparently you eventually stop doing it. I wish that worked for everything. Hell, I wish it worked on my co-workers.

Is expectorating in a public place not illegal – something to do with the unsanitariness (yeah, I know; not a real word) of it all? I could swear it was illegal, but if so, the cops in Sault Ste. Marie are not doing their part in keeping our streets clean. Then again, maybe they’re all spitting, too… it is the Brand New, Grand New Thang to Do, now, I guess.

I’m going to petition the city for a spittoon on every street corner. I doubt they could hire anybody to empty those things, for any amount of money. Uck.

Anyway – rant over. Until I have to look at that again.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “Askin’ Fer Trouble” – The Wild Turkeys

6 replies on “No Spitting.”

It used to be against the law here in Oz due to the Spanish Influenza and/or TB, we still have tiles in subways painted with DO NOT SPIT but, heh, the pigs take no notice of them.

Les Says: I’ve noticed this more and more over the last few years. It’s like EVERYBODY spits, now – doesn’t matter where they are, they just go right ahead. It’s just disgusting.

It’s early, and I have not had enough coffee to properly think this through, but the fact that you counted a person’s spitting behavior, makes me love you even more.

Les Says: ROTFL!! Who’da thunk it’d be THAT easy?! Wait’ll I start counting the nose-pickers – you’ll adopt me, for sure!

Oh, gross. I have to say I’ve noticed more spitters lately, but not to the point where they’re the majority, thank heavens. Last night at Kelly’s softball game, somebody’s boyfriend was there, and this kid was the gruntiest, slouchiest, little spitter I’ve seen in a long time. He made me wonder what is wrong with teenage girls, that THIS is what they like. If my nephew grows into that sort of being in a few years, I will lock him in my car and keep him there til he’s 26.

Les Says: Uck. Do you know how much spit you’ll have to clean off the dashboard?!

It is totally gross. I hate it when others spit. But as someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, I have been places where I have coughed up phlegm and been forced to spit. (Because there was absolutely no way I was swallowing it back down.) Other than that, people should save spitting for their bathrooms at home.

Les Says: …or couldn’t people carry tissues with them, and get rid of it that way? At least it’s a little more discreet and a lot less gross.

That’s disgusting. Once, while I was walking on the treadmill at the Y, the guy on the treadmill next to me spat on the front of his treadmill. It was on that plastic part just in front of the belt.

I gave him a disgusted look which he totally did not acknowledge. And when he was done he wiped down the HANDRAIL of the treadmill leaving the wad of spit on that plastic part by his feet.

People are disgusting.

p.s. Finally your whole post is showing in my Google Reader which is very nice. Thank you!

Les Says: Oh, ewwww! Your story beats ALL my stories. AGAIN, you win, dammit!

I’m not sure why you can suddenly get my whole post in the reader – it was not my idea. Now, I’m going to have to figure that out, just so I can say I know what I’m doing…

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