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Gangsta Geese

This video was taken in Clergue Park almost three years ago. Those of you familiar with the visage of The Evil Hypnotist as a teen may enjoy the journey back. She was not quite 12 when she was nearly eaten by these monsters.

And yes. I sic’ed ’em on her. I make no apology. It was me or her.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Andy, You’re a Star” – The Killers

3 replies on “Gangsta Geese”

Well there’s your problem. You didn’t say, “eh” — they’re clearly Canadian geese and had you said, “I don’t have any more food, eh?” they probably would have stopped.

Instead they thought you were a crazy American hiding bread in your hanky.

Les Says: I never thought of that… Sweep the leg, eh? LOL!

No one needs an overprotective mother. This is great.

I love today’s song, too.

Les Says: That’s so funny to hear you say that, because I was always such a “Smother Mother” when she was younger. Worried over every little thing. But those geese… well… better her than me.

Yeah, that’s a great tune. Brings me up when I’m down, and lifts me even higher when I’m already up.

I place geese in the same category as rodents, pigeons and seagulls. A town up in NY uses sheepdogs (geese dogs?) to round them up to keep the park clean..

Les Says: Now that would be cool to see… any chance of video?

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