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It’s Peaceful Only Once We Stop Moving…

Gros Cap
Gros Cap
Taken September 30, 2010
with PalmPre Camera Phone

Karen and I took a drive tonight out to Gros Cap, to watch the water, sit and visit, and relax a little….

Truthfully, it was only relaxing once I parked the van and turned off the engine.

My sister is not the best passenger. It’s not that she tries to tell me how to drive or anything, but…

She screams.


Oddly, she only screamed when I was turning right. I don’t know why this is, and it took forever before I realized that it only happened when I was making a right-hand turn.

The first time, I nearly jumped right out of my skin, and screamed back.

“What the hell?!”

“What…?” says she, calm as a cucumber, now that we’re travelling straight forward (sort of – it’s a curvy road, after all – but at least she isn’t screaming now).

“What was that scream all about?”

She looked at me very calmly when she replied, “I thought we were going to tip over.”

It took several more turns to realized she only screamed when I turned right, and another several turns to come up with a possible reason why that was.

“Do you have an ear infection?” I asked her.

“Why would you ask that?” Karen countered.

So, I told her – which was a huge mistake. I told her I thought maybe her equilibrium was off, since she only screamed when I made a right-hand turn, and took the left turns without batting an eye.

Why was this such a mistake? Well, I’ll tell you why.

The very next left-hand turn I made, Karen shrieked and clung to the dashboard with clawed fingers. I swear, there are claw marks in the dash. Deep ones.

After we’d been back home for awhile, I suggested a visit to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a treat.

“Is it close enough to walk?”

My Brother-the-Trespasser will be driving her to the bus for her trip home.


Sometimes It Pays to Look Downward…

Almost Underfoot
Almost Underfoot
Taken September 27, 2010
with PalmPre Camera Phone