She Finally Chewed Through the Glow Stick…

"Feline Flashlight" Taken October 20, 2010 with Nokia N97 Smartphone
“Feline Flashlight”
Taken October 20, 2010 with Nokia N97 Smartphone

Apparently, if you stuff a cat into a paper bag and plug its tail into a power bar…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Year of the Cat” – Al Stewart


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9 Replies to “She Finally Chewed Through the Glow Stick…”

    1. Sshhhh! I don’t want this broadcast on the internet or anything… Nah, I kid. Please tell the world I’m back.

    1. Oh, there’s rum, alright, but I have an electric cat guarding it. I stashed some Stellas in the bar fridge for ya, tho. 😉

  1. I’m famous…or at least my name is (finally, world recognitiation!). So pleased you have published the wonderful story of “The Magic Lamp”.

    1. Hey, anybody that can use the word `recognitiation`in a blog comment deserves to be famous. Please don`t abuse your celebrity.

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