Karma, Zen, & a $60 Waste of Cellophane…

Cartoon filtered photo of two teenaged girls dressed in Batman and Robin Hallowe'en costumes and striking dramatic poses

Holy $60 Cellophane Hallowe’en Costume, Batman!!

Seriously. SIXTY. DOLLARS. I mean, really: Holy shit!

I had to remind myself (repeatedly) through Hallowe’en week of my recently adopted “Zen” Attitude. Throughout the scrubbing of ketchup and peeling of chewed-up chewing gum from doorknobs (actually, I thought that was hilarious, but that’s just because Ky, AKA Robin, was the one to turn the knob and gross out), to the near-heart attack over Continue reading “Karma, Zen, & a $60 Waste of Cellophane…”