Wink, Wink…

alicesawd.jpgSo I’ve been amusing myself in the wee hours when unable to sleep. I’ve been playing with Flash programming again, and finding out first hand, again, how time-sucking it is. By the time I’m tired enough to sleep, it’s too late to sleep!

A few years back, I had a spectacular idea for a flash splash page for my web space. I got as far as posting a photoshopped jpg. Last night/this morning/whatever I loaded that jpg into Flash and made it wink.

I be proud.

I hope to pick away at more animation over the next few weeks. Some funny stuff, and eventually, some downright spooky, if I continue to suffer with insomnia.

I hope you’ll check on it now and again to see how I’m doing.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Blackbird” – Marcy Playground

3 Replies to “Wink, Wink…”

  1. This comment box is freaking me out. When I click on any of the fields nothin’ happens. Then I clicked on Post Comment to see what would happen.

    It gave red boxes under the name, email and comment box and said they were required fields. Then I could click on them to fill them in. What the hell, shetbag?

    Oh yeah, cool winkin’ eye, missy.

    1. How freaking weird! It does it to me, too, if I don’t log in. Now I’m going to go all OCD over here and check every other post for that. I think a plugin may be interfering with it.

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