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“Not Quite Finished and the Light is Fading….
© Les Becker, 2011
Taken January 20th, 2011 with CanonPowershot SX110 IS

I started another wall panel in my attic cave… I began with the idea of a plain pink wall – pink representing “action” of sorts. I have a lot of stuff that I have to act on, and soon.

In the course of painting… well… I ran out of pink paint. Kyla had an epiphany, and began painting black curliques drifting into the pink. She took a break, and I picked up the brush. This is where I left off.

I plan on finishing up with gold edging and sparkly bits, because I like gold and sparkly bits. I’m a bit of a crow, I guess.

The “act on and soon” stuff is pending: a supplementary job – preferrably NOT of the retail variety, to make up for recent lost hours. I seem to have been suddenly and unceremoniously dropped to part time hours… the “suddenly” actually works in my favour… I don’t have time to worry about it. I have to do something about it, and do it FAST.

Little Bits of Stupid Photography

January 23rd was My Personal Deadline, Anyway…

Sometimes resolutions come late…
© Les Becker, 2011
Taken with Nokia N97 Cameraphone, January 23rd, 2011

I’ve resolved to limit my daily chocolate intake. You’re looking at it up there. My daily limit.

Not counting the one in my mouth right now, of course.

Kyla Becker Music Radio Les


Kyla Becker, 2010
Kyla Becker
© Les Becker, 2010
Taken November 4th, 2010 with Nokia N97 Cameraphone

Another gift from my songbird….

Hush – © Kyla Becker, 2010
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Kyla Becker Music Radio Les

Our Day Will Come…

"The Evil Hypnotist" © Les Becker May 6th, 2010 Taken with Palm Pre  Cameraphone
“The Evil Hypnotist”
© Les Becker May 6th, 2010
Taken with Palm Pre Cameraphone

See my kid? That’s my kid up there. She’s a songwriter. Check out one of her latest below.

Our Day Will Come – © Kyla Becker, 2010
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J.O.B. Oh Mother...! Photography


© Les Becker
December 8th, 2010
Taken with Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

Yes, I’m in the running for the “Not Necessarily Banal Blog Title” crown. And I have been feeling rather like that banana looks as though it must.

I kinda fell off the internet for a while, there. And y’all know how much I hate the real world.

Then my mom died, on December 1st. I haven’t yet got accustomed to that. I want to write about her, but I’m still trying to fathom that she’s gone.

When I got the call about my dad’s death a couple of summers ago, I sat down and wrote my goodbye to him and rushed it out into the ether.

It seems so much more complicated with my mother. There are a thousand little memories that bring her into my mind – smells, certain songs, every different season. Food.

No, I think my mom’s going to get more than one goodbye, here. Just not quite yet.

Work has been stupid. Christmas. Ugh. I swear (again) that I will not do another Christmas in Retail next year. One of these years, that’s got to stick.

My own Christmas was quiet and lovely. I received two housecoats, a bottle of rum and enough chocolate to live on for three days straight. I made good use of all of the above. And I even have housecoats left over!

And I’m newsed out, now, so…