The Last Strike

The Last Strike © Les Becker, 2011 Taken May 4, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone
The Last Strike
© Les Becker, 2011
Taken May 4, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone

You know you live a stellar life when all it takes to turn a drab day into a spectacular one is a blown-up bowling ball…

My yesterday started out spectacularly enough, what with the opening up of my front door to a torn-up street and four HUMONGOUS digging/shovelling/smashing machines greeting me. Then I nearly stepped off my stoop into a gargantuan hole. It may have been the burly construction guys distracting me, but I still think it was the machinery. I love the big machinery. If I hadn’t had to be at work, I’d have hung around on the steps all day watching.

I’ve been walkinig to work three days a week of late – partly because of my flabby ass, partly because of the cost of gas (but mostly because of my flabby ass), and the weather has not been cooperative. At all.

Yesterday, though, was a gorgeous, sunny day and I had a nice jaunt. As I approached the waterfront, I heard a killdeer call, the first I’ve heard this season, and my father’s voice sounded in my ears: “You hear that? There’s a nest somewhere around here – keep your eyes peeled. Don’t be stepping all over it looking for it, now.”

And then my mother’s voice: “Oh, now. She won’t step on a nest!”

“She’d better not. You can’t unbreak an egg.”

I didn’t see a nest. Hope I didn’t step on it.

Work sucked. It was slow enough to make me want to clean, and just busy enough that I couldn’t quite get any one job completely finished. By the time I left to walk home, I was in a crappy mood.

I don’t generally get into crappy moods lately, but yesterday I walked home with a big ol’ Grump on my back – until I came across the blown-up bowling ball; a once-in-a-lifetime sight if ever I saw one.

And now you’ve seen it, too. Betcha didn’t even know you wanted to see such a thing, did you?

You’re welcome.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Jar of Hearts” – Christina Perri