I Have to Learn When to Shut Up.

So, my Evil Hypnotist of a daughter, used me as an assignment in her Leadership class. She interviewed me about my health & wellness habits. Pretty sure that if this had been an exam, I’d have failed. Ky, on the other hand, passed with flying colours, I think.

By the end of the 15-minute interview, she had pried out of me a pledge to buy a YMCA membership. On Thursday.

This coming-up Thursday. I have pledged to swim three days a week.

Now that my deadline is nearly here, I’m a little nervous. I’m concerned that I will dive into a crowded pool and lose my swim suit. It could happen.

I know it could happen because it HAS happened.  I don’t think I’ve actually gone swimming since, except with Kyla in my parents’ pool when Ky was little wee.

And I wore a body suit, complete with sleeves.

The things I do to further my child’s education…!

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