A Gift from the Universe…

Free Beer!!
Free Beer!!
Taken February 1, 2014, with Samsung S3

The dog asked me to take her to the park last night.

It was cold. It was dark. It was late at night. I did not want to run the dog; I didn’t!

She had that face on, though. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you know the face I’m talking about….

This face.
This face.

If I didn’t take the dog for a run, I would feel guilty enough that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Mostly because, she would not stop looking at me like that. That look has a weight to it that can be measured in pounds, and it’s hard to fall asleep when it keeps slapping you in the face.

So I got off the couch and put pants on (over long underwear, of course). I put on several sweaters and a hoodie over my undershirt/t-shirt combo and two pairs of socks under my boots.

I then took the boots off, because the ski-pants won’t go on over them, put the ski-pants on, followed by the boots, toque, scarf, hooded winter jacket (the one with two zippers, because at least one of those zippers still zips, and the zippers on my three other winter jackets are all zipped out), and mitts. The mitts that Ruby made me – the ones with the idiot string, because I might see a good photo op (in the dark?!), and I’ve lost too many mitts that way in the past…

Out we go, Kaylee fairly dancing down the street, she’s that happy. We’re half-way to the park when I pull off my hood, unzip my zipper, untie my scarf, bare my head of the hoodie, and yank the mitts off. They can hang by the idiot strings; I am way overdressed. Cold is one thing – Kaylee walks fast, and although I can keep up with her, I don’t want to combust in the process. I can see the steam coming off me, now.

Once at the park, I let her off leash (illegally) just in time for a guy coming around the corner of the building with a case of beer on his shoulder to have the bejeezus scared out of him. I’m serious; I could see the bejeezus coming out of him, just as well as I could see the steam coming off of me!

Since Kaylee doesn’t actually bite, she only threatens to, and because I was sincerely apologetic Dude-with-Beer didn’t even yell at us, and carried on with his beer. I looked forlornly after him.

Cuz he had beer….

Since quitting my job, I have budgeted for No. Beer.

I miss beer.

I eventually cheered up, and even played a game of “How Many Times Can the Dog Knock the Human on Her Ass and Get Away with It”. I have never won this game. Last night’s score was seven/nothing for the dog. I was grateful for the ski-pants – and the fact that Kaylee seems to understand that this game can only be played in the snow unless she wants a broken human.

By the time we left the park, I was positively cheery. I guess I needed a run just as much as the dog did.

And the Universe rewarded me for running the dog even though I didn’t want to. Beer-dude dropped a can in the snow. I tripped over it. I took a photo of it.

Then I took it home and I drank it.

I love beer.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Get It Right the First Time” – Billy Joel


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