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The Woman’s Curse…

Terry Becker waxes (not exactly poetically) about a scary womany subject. While both his wife and his ex-wife are in the room. Yeah.

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Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a comfort food for me. I first learned how to make this incredibly simple meal when I was about 14 or so – my brother’s girlfriend and I watched an episode of
“Wok with Yan”
on TV and decided we were up to… if only we had tuned in at the beginning of the show, when Mr. Yan instructed the viewers to cook the rice ahead of time, and not throw raw rice in a wok and wonder why it didn’t turn out, um, edible.

Second try was perfect, though, not to mention that I don’t believe I have effed this meal up since, because as long as you cook the rice, it’s hard to eff it up…


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Fried Rice


Gardening Projects

The Lemon Tree – A Lesson in Patience

The Lemon Tree Project - 04082014

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Black Bean Burritos

Kyla taught me how to make this incredibly ugly meal, and boy, is it ugly! It’s so damned ugly that it reminds me of something that the cat hacked up, which is why I not-so-secretly call this stuff Cat Snatz Burritos.

For something so horrifying to look at, though, it sure tastes good! As a bonus, it’s fast, and it’s easy – a filling meal that you can throw together in a flash using an
electric wok, like I use, or a
less expensive stove-top model.



T.his I.s M.y E.nvironment







I have a huge problem with time-management. I am such a procrastinator, that I will spend more time researching solves for procrastination than on actually doing anything.

I’m also an “Away” person. That means that rewards don’t work for me. You could promise me a million dollars to clean that catbox, but I’m more likely to clean it if you were to remind me that if I DON’T clean it, the whole house is gonna stink and the cats are going to poop in my shoes.